Air Fryer Wattage: Do They Consume A Lot Of Electricity

Air Fryer Wattage

The average American home uses approximately 40% of its energy on the home and about 15% of that is used on the kitchen alone.

With an air fryer, you can reduce the amount of electricity you use by up to 75%!

It does this by replacing the need to cook food in a deep fryer, and by using a fraction of the energy that the fryer uses.

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Fried food without actually being fried in unhealthy oil?

Well yes, the 21st-century man has made it possible in the name of Air Fryer.

While Air Fryers are a new trend, the question of them consuming a lot of electricity is always tagged along.

To get to answer this question effectively, I will be comparing it with other household appliances further down.

What is an Air Fryer?

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Nowadays, people are becoming more and more concerned about their health and their weight.

For many, this means eating healthy and moving more.

It can mean a lot of things, but one thing that a lot of people don’t seem to consider is the power consumption of their tools.

It’s not like they sell power-consuming appliances on the front cover of the box, right?

However, if you’re serious about losing weight, or just using your home appliances more efficiently, it may be time to consider how much electricity your food and cooking tools consume.

In the modern contemporary world where technology is transforming itself into more advanced forms with the passage of time, every sphere of our lives is gaining the benefit from it and the kitchen is definitely not an exception.

Technological advancements have brought in several new types of equipment that run from different sources of energy and make the work much easier and better. Some of the examples are refrigerator, microwaves, Air Fryers, etc.

Air Fryers are a relatively new technology. Introduced in 2005 for commercial kitchens, they quickly found a consumer market.

An Air Fryer is an equipment/kitchen appliance that uses hot air to cook food. It runs on electricity and circulates the hot air around the food using the convection mechanism which helps in cooking the food.

Air Fryer Wattage

For those who have seen the ads on television, or in magazines, you know that it must be true that air fryers use much less energy than your traditional ovens and stovetops.

We used our kitchen appliance knowledge to do some research and see if the claims were true and we were not disappointed.

Given the benefits of the Air Fryer, it definitely comes across as an economic appliance. Most Air Fryer’s wattage ranges between 800 watts to 2175 watts. The average wattage thus works out to around 1425 watts. Generally higher the wattage, the higher temperatures is the product able to generate.

How does an Air Fryer work?

In recent years, kitchen appliances have become increasingly efficient. Where once upon a time a single electric burner could consume almost five amps, today’s kitchen gadgets are much more power-efficient. The same goes for air fryers, the power consumption of which is based on the wattage

Air Fryer when connected to a power socket, heats up the heating cord which in turn heats the air present in the cooking chamber. This heated air when circulated inside the chamber at high speeds with the help of the fan(s) present in the chamber, it cooks the food evenly.

Air Fryers consumption to other appliances.

The amount of electricity that an air fryer consumes is relatively low. This is in comparison to the traditional oven, deep fryer, and microwave.

Most air fryers that are currently available in the market (Philips, Nuwave, GoWise) use energy in the average measure of 1500 watts. This is not high at all and even if you’d use your air fryer every day, you will not have to pay high electricity bills.

If you were to use a normal oven for your cooking, the cost is still not that high. And with an air fryer, you are assured of even lesser bills. This is especially because the air fryer cooks food way faster.

Most Air Fryers have a wattage of around 800-1500 watts. When we compare this with many Deep Fryers (1500-1800 watts) and Ovens (2500-5000 watts), we find that the Air Fryers have low consumption. Also, while Deep Fryers have to boil oil before actual frying and Ovens have to be preheated before actually cooking the food, a high wattage air fryer heats up faster and cook food in a blink thus, helping us save Electricity

Are Air Fryers Economical?

Well, they are not just economical but also convenient. Because all we really have to pay for is the initial cost. The rest? You just breeze through. That is actually based on the fact that they offer about a 25% reduction in cooking time and that’s just good for our purse.

Air fryers are home-friendly appliances. They are not expensive to use and to maintain. Let’s see a few of their benefits in relation to costs.

They are small-sized and so circulate heat faster – The small, compact sizes of air fryers allow heat to circulate through them faster and so cook your food faster.

On average, you won’t have to use an air fryer for more than 20 minutes at a time, even if you were frying chicken. That saves you a lot of extra time burning up the electricity.

They are easy to clean – This is one big feature of air fryers that makes them cheap to use at home. You can clean them very easily after each use.

They have minimal need for maintenance – If you’re worried about the high cost of maintaining your air fryer, you should relax. It’s basically fried food, rest, fry food, rest, rinse and repeat for air fryers.

How Air Fryers cut costs?

There are several answers that will help you understand the reason behind the minimal addition in the electricity bill:

  • Their use of less heat – less heat goes hand in hand with less energy consumption and thus Air Fryers cut energy costs.
  • Use of less oil – well they use only a spoon of oil where a deep fryer would use more than 20 times that amount. Hence we can conserve more resources.
  • Adjustable wattage – some air fryers these days come with wattage that can be adjusted to suit our needs. This indeed is a cherry on a perfectly iced cake!


Air fryers are, in my opinion, incredible kitchen devices that can help you significantly reduce the amount of oil you need to cook with and in some cases, drastically reduce your cooking time.

To answer, if Air Fryers are worth it?

You bet they are!

Air Fryers are real power misers, packing a lot of utility into a small package. They can help us cut down on our electricity bills and energy costs.

If you’re time-crunched but health-conscious, air-frying healthy meals is a great option.

They are an investment really worth it.