Airfryer With Stainlessteel Basket, Do They Exist? – 2022 Guide

Air fryers basket

Air fryers are undoubtedly one of the most important inventions made. The baskets are mostly designed using Teflon. If you are thinking that there is an air fryer that is made of stainless steel basket then the answer is yes, and there is more than just one air fryer.

There are many air fryers available in the market whose basket is designed using stainless steel. Today I am going to discuss why stainless steel is better than Teflon and also review some air fryers made of stainless steel.

Why Basket made of stainless steel in an Airfryer better?

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Teflon is a good material that was developed during the 1930s. Teflon is used as a coating for nonstick cookware and also wires. Teflon is capable of handling extreme conditions without any issue or adverse effects.

Teflon has been used as a coating over cookware for a very long time due to its quality. We have learned about synthetic chemicals and how they react to different types of extreme conditions, let’s see how Teflon is.

Teflon is not able to perform too well, yes it is true that Teflon does not give any harm or release any toxic chemicals but only when it is exposed to normal cooking temperatures.

Teflon gives out toxic fumes when it is exposed to very high heating temperatures. These chemicals released by Teflon are not harmful to humans but can adversely affect animals. The fumes released can also cause headaches.

Stainless steel on the other side can easily perform at higher temperatures than Teflon.

Stainless steel is also more strong and durable in comparison with Teflon as there is no coating and they can easily be cleaned and the coating by Teflon goes away after some use.

Stainless steel is often made using many materials like iron, chromium, carbon, nickel, copper, etc. the top layer is of stainless steel which ensures that there’s no contact of heat with other materials preventing any toxic substance to be released.

Air fryers made of Stainless Steel Basket

1. Cuisinart AFR-25 Air Fryer Oven

This is one good product by Cuisinart as we all know how prominent they have been in offering such good quality products.

This air fryer has a shallow basket that is wide enough to fit in 2,5 pounds of food in one serving. This enables you to fit in more food at a single time. It also has a control mechanism, you get adjustable temperatures and time dials and you can cook up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 60 minutes or less.

You also get an additional flat pan which you can use to cook different foods. It also has got a drip tray to catch any kind of grease, crumbs, or melted cheese-like substances.

This Air Fryer is capable of cooking the whole batch of chicken wings in just 15 minutes.

2. Avalon Bay Stainless Steel Basket Air Fryer

This is one of the most trending air fryers in the market due to the performance and features that it offers.

This was the first air fryer that was designed using a stainless steel basket. This air fryer takes care of the health concern, the company made the stainless steel basket their USP. There are a lot of features along with a superb design.

Along with the basket, the compartments are also designed using stainless steel.

3. Chefman Stainless Steel Air Fryer

This air fryer has a basket made of stainless steel and it has a capacity of 25 liters along with 7 cooking functions. You can cook two different recipes at the same time using two separate cooking levels.

The temperature can go up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and can be operated for up to 60 minutes. This air fryer can be used to warm, bake, broil, and toast a variety of foods.


There are air fryers that have a stainless steel basket and they are very reliable. If you want to buy one you can choose from the list.

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