Can Nutribullet Crush Ice (What You Should Know)

Can Nutribullet Crush Ice

Nutribullet is considered an efficient blender for processing fruits and veggies for your favorite smoothies.

Unlike any heavy traditional blender, Nutribullet is designed to perform elegant tasks and can not handle too much pressure. You might have wondered whether your Nutribullet can crush ice or not?

You are not the only one with this question in your mind and today we are going to have some meaningful discussion about the same.

The textbook answer to the above question will be a NO!

The Nutribullet Blender is not considered as a viable option when it comes to crushing ice.

The extreme pressure on the motor can create issues and even damage the blades permanently. There have been many cases where users tried to crush huge ice-cubes in Nutribullet and damaged their appliance.

Functions of Nutribullet

As already mentioned, it does not have capacity to perform tedious blending jobs.

You can use it to churn dry ingredients like dry fruits or other similar ingredients used in your drinks or smoothies.

Vegetables and fruits are the main food items that will get blended perfectly without any risks.

There is no perfect appliance in the industry that will serve all your chores.

No doubt, Nutribullet is one of the best partners you can have in your kitchen.

What if I Want to Crush Ice Cubes?

We discussed some crucial points of not using ice in your Nutribullet but still if you feel like to do it, consider these precautions. Many community members believe that you can add ice-cubes while making your drinks. You must take care that there is sufficient amount of liquid in the container to act as a lubricant. Water or other milk-substitute products can be the obvious choices.

There must be at least 75% content as liquid ingredients for best results.

Also, 3-4 cubes will be more than enough in a single go.

The blades will not get jammed and ensure smooth spinning while blending. One fancy substitute for it will be using frozen fruits rather than putting extra ice. Make sure to try using frozen coconut water cubes to get something extra-ordinary in your glass.

Final Thoughts

The Nutribullet should only be used as the last option when it comes to crushing ice.

Regular use of it will make the edges of blade dull.

Hence, it will take more time than usual and reduce life-expectancy of blades in long run.

Other countertop blenders and mixers are available in the market that will serve you purpose well enough.

Thus, it all depends upon the situation as you might hit your chances by throwing ice cubes in Nutribullet but in a limited supply.