Can You Use Glass Bowl In Air Fryer?

glass cookware in an air fryer

Air fryer which is relatively a new kitchen appliance. As the product is new, there are a lot of questions arising in the minds of the people. One such question that is common among everyone is “Can you use a glass bowl in an air fryer?” Isn’t this yours question also?

This is a question worth asking because an airfryer operates in a little different way. Anyone doesn’t want to harm their cookware so everyone needs to get answers for this question.

Does glass cookware work well in an air fryer?

The primary part of an air fryer is the cooking basket. It has big holes to allow air to pass through and around your food.

Therefore, it might not be such a good idea to use a glass bowl or some kind of glass cookware that doesn’t have holes in it. The air around the food will be blocked, and it can take much longer time to cook the food, leaving the food cooked unevenly.

So the question that should come up in the mind should be “Is it correct to use a glass bowl in an air fryer in the first place?” rather than “Whether it is OK to use it or not?”

The alternative

The best alternative is to use metal wire racks in the air fryer. It allows the air to flow through and around the food.