Can You Make Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker (How To Guide)?

How to Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker

If you are a chocolate lover, I don’t think anything would amaze you more than a sip from the cup of Hot Chocolate.

Moreover, it is one of the most consumed beverages in the United States during shivering winters.

People just love the astonishing fragrance of hot melted chocolate garnished with mushy marshmallows.

This combination can make your evening perfect with the warm cup in your hand.

Now coming to the important question, how you make your hot chocolate? Many of you must have tried melting it in the microwave which makes it overflow and creates chaos all over.

Above that, heating cocoa powder in a heated pan on a stove is a tedious job in itself. We bring a solution to all your problems and discuss How to Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker?

Can You Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker?

This might seem to be a bit weird, but it’s absolutely genuine. Yes! There is no issue in preparing hot chocolate with the help of pretty much any coffee maker. So, come let’s find out the recipe to make the delicious hot chocolate using a coffee maker at your home.

Ingredients for the Recipe

You won’t require several elements to add to your hot chocolate as sometimes the real taste won’t come up. We will try to keep it as simple as it could be. Make sure you have the following ingredients on your table,

  • Chocolate Powder Mix or Cocoa Powder
  • A Coffee Maker (Normal version will also work)
  • Water
  • Marshmallows (optional)

Step to make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker

It is not a tricky job to pull in your kitchen. I have tried it several times and it comes out to be just perfect. There is no ideal way and follow these simple steps to get better results,

  1. Pour water in your coffee maker as you fill it while making a coffee. I would suggest filling it up to the 5-6 cup mark.
  2. Cut open the chocolate powder mix sachet and empty it in the coffee carafe of your coffee maker. If the water is 6 cups, 3-4 sachets will be enough.
  3. You can even add sweeteners of your choice to the coffee carafe at your convenience. If you prefer it to be original, skip this step.
  4. Turn on the switch and let the coffee maker run for a few minutes.
  5. Make sure the water is boiled properly and no powder is left stuck to the bottom of sides of the carafe.
  6. After the powder gets properly dissolved, you will get that soothing aroma around you.
  7. Pour the liquid in separate containers and finally into desired cups or mugs.
  8. You can even add marshmallows on the top and your hot chocolate is ready to be served.

To be honest, it must be an easy task even for a beginner. If you want to serve more or less quantity, change the ratio of water and chocolate powder mix accordingly. Also, you can try using the same quantity of refrigerated milk instead of water. The best part of making hot chocolate in a coffee maker is a simple and elegant process. It will make your winters even more exciting.