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Chicken Schnitzel Delicious Recipes

If you could travel the world and try foods from all corners of the world would you do it? We would, and you’d probably give a positive answer to this question ten out of ten times when asked. Each country has a dish of its own to offer. Some are exotic, while others are simply classic. One of the classic ones with a small touch of exoticness when you want it is chicken schnitzel. We are talking about a tasty way to prepare chicken. Do you know what schnitzel is?

It is not complicated at all. It is an Austrian way to prepare chicken breasts. With this method, they’re made to be super crispy and fried. This dish is, as you could guess, very popular in both Austria and Germany. But, it’s not limited only to those areas. When something is great like schnitzel, it is easy to imagine that its good name and recipes spread across the globe. You can find one great way to prepare Chicken Schnitzels if you visit this site. Of course, you can broaden your knowledge of this dish if you keep on reading this article.

Below we are going to delve into various ways to prepare it. Considering that we’re talking about fried and crispy chicken breasts we’re sure everyone will find a satisfying recipe. We were led by a taste of our own and the final product is these nine delicious variations of chicken schnitzel you have to try. Let us know in the comment section which one turned out to be your favorite, or if you have a favorite one that hasn’t made our list. Either way, we’re in for some tummy-filling with some of the best schnitzels out there.

1. Chickpea Schnitzel


This one is quite amazing. It is usually made out of a chickpea mixture. It also bodes well with a winter slaw. What makes it so great and unique? You don’t need any meat. That’s right, you can make this Austrian dish without meat. It’s not for everyone’s taste but we find this vegan version great.

2. Gourmet Schnitzel


Would you fancy this one? It is quite amazing if you ask us. Some people do not do the best work around this dish. Is it because of the meat or ingredients? It doesn’t matter. You can’t go wrong with this one. Just make a fine mixture of thyme pork. Some garlic and lemon and make your worries go away. If you’re a fan of extra crunchiness you should add winter slaw as we already suggested above.

3. Pork Neck and Bolognese

Pork neck offers some of the best pork meat out there. It is ideal for schnitzel. It gets even better if you combine it with some mash and Bolognese. Yes, you heard it right this is an existing combination. In fact, you’ll find plenty of people favoring this taste. Of course, you’ll be needing some garlic, lemon, cheese, and plenty of other ingredients, but this is a combo worth trying out.

4. Jalapeno Schnitzel

Creamy Jalapeno

Let’s make things spicy.  You can’t get spicier than when you add a jalapeno to any of your recipes. The best way to go around it is to make it even more exotic by adding some mustard mayo and herbs. For some refreshments and a cooling factor, you’ll want to keep a few lemons on the side. Of course, don’t forget the standard paprika.

5. Parmesan Crust Schnitzel

You’ll want this one for your dinner. It is one of the best options. As we already said. It’s a little bit of a standard dish and a little bit of an exotic one.  You’ll want to start this one with panko crumbs. That’s what will make it extra crisp. What makes it extra daring is that you’ll add parmesan to the mixture of flour and paprika used for meat rolls. This one is easy to enjoy.

6. Italian


As we said, this dish spread across the world. So, it’s no wonder it found its way down to nearby Italy. This one is based on making the chicken breasts cut extra thin. When you make filets like these everything else is much easier. All you need is some breadcrumbs, garlic, eggs, parsley, and some pecorino cheese. It already sounds like it’s Italian and not German.

7. Parmigiana

No, we’re not still in Italy. This one is in fact popular in the land down under. Are you surprised? You should be as this one is best served in one of the pubs in Australia. In many ways, this is the standard chicken dish. But with a turn. It needs to be served with a lot of melted cheese on top. In its essence, it is a standard schnitzel. If it goes to your taste you can try it out with mash on the side. To make it what it is, a parmigiana, you need to create it with tomato pasta sauce and of course some basil.

8. Katsu With Curry

Katsu Curry

Now we’re being exotic. But, you’re still with us, we bet. This dish is best tried out in many variations. This one needs to be on your menu.  In addition to curry, you’ll be needing some carrots and onions. In addition to curry, the secret ingredient needs to be honey too. It adds that sweetness to the spiciness of this dish. Also, don’t forget the shiso salad.

9. Lamb and Waldorf


Last but not least is this mesmerizing combo. Yes, this dish can be made out of lamb too. To get the best out of it, you need to turn yourself to some garlic, oregano, and of course lemon.  Rosemary, butter, and oil will also be your friends in this endeavor. It is best served with a salad and here we recommend some Waldorf. This one is not too hard as it only requires some mayonnaise, oil, and lemon with standard nuts, apples, and celery.


Take your pick. No mistake will be made.  This is one universally beloved dish. Everyone loves it regardless of the variations. All that matters is that it is crispy enough. Tell us, which one is your favorite.