Can You Boil Water Using An Instant Pot? – 2022 Guide

Boil Water In Instant Pot

As of the time of this writing, over 1.2 million people have watched a video that shows a certain kitchen gadget being used to make water boil faster.

But is this hack really legit?

Does it really boil water faster, or is it just a clever illusion?

The answer isn’t exactly clear cut, but we can narrow it down to three main possibilities:

1) It’s legit.

2) It’s an illusion.

3) It just boils the water faster than the stovetop.

Instant pots are extremely useful and come with lots of benefits. You can use an instant pot to cook anything from chicken roasts to desserts too in a very short period.

Instant pots are very good for those who have instead to learn cooking as for beginners this can be a very effective way of learning how to cook. Many people come across the question, can we use an instant pot to boil water?

The short and simple answer to this question is yes. This is the first thing to do when learning how to use an instant pot.

So yes an instant pot can easily boil water for you and aside from boiling water, it can also be used in steaming veggies, cooking rice, baking a cake, and many more things.

You can boil water using an Instant Pot.

In fact, you can boil water using a Crock-Pot, a rice cooker, a coffee pot, and a toaster.

Does that mean that all of these kitchen appliances can replace your stovetop boilers?

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Definitely not!

But, if you’re prone to leaving the house without turning off your Crock-Pot and find yourself stuck without a source of heat to boil water for ramen noodles, you can still make it work.

It is understood that people are very confused and are not convinced by the performance of an instant pot when it comes to boiling any kind of liquid.

An instant pot comes with a lot of preset programs that help us while cooking. There is also a program known as the Saute program that can be used to boil liquids. These programs can be manually set and changed according to convenience.

There are situations where you might break your electric kettle for boiling water and the only option you are left with is an instant pot.

Are you also the one who doubts the capabilities of an instant pot when it comes to boiling water?

If you’re feeling a little bored with the same old ways of boiling water, though, the Instant Pot is about to become your new best friend.

If you’re not entirely familiar with what an Instant Pot is, it’s an electric, multi-cooker that can be used to do everything from steaming vegetables to cooking rice to slow cooking to sautéing.

Basically, it can take over the job of every other gadget and appliance in your kitchen.

Today I will discuss how to boil water using an instant pot and the things to consider and also the steps to follow while doing it.

Boiling water using an Instant pot

This might sound unreasonable but knowing how to boil water properly is very essential. This helps you to get comfortable with your appliances and also tells you how they work. This also makes sure that your instant pot is working adequately.

So learning how to boil water is not just for beginners but also for well-experienced cooks as this will help you in avoiding any kind of common mistakes that people tend to make with their appliances while using them.

When we boil water the water changes from liquid to more energetic gas molecules that are known as vapor.

While using an open appliance such as the stove or anything which has an open space the gas molecules can escape into the air but using an instant pot they get trapped inside as nothing is pushing them back. This creates more pressure.

This is the time where an instant pot shows its magic. As the gas vapor cannot escape it creates more pressure inside and it prevents water from turning into a gaseous state and there is more pressure hence water gets hotter quickly.

Water cannot get hotter than 100 degrees celsius that’s why we can even use an instant pot for boiling water.

Steps to follow

  1. Put a cup of water in the inner pot of the instant pot.
  2. Place the lid on the top of the instant pot and seal the valve properly.
  3. Make sure you run the pot on high pressure and then select the cooking time. 4-6 minutes on high are enough to boil water. So you can set it by clicking the timer button until it shows 5 on the display.
  4. Now let it run for 5 minutes
  5. Once the pot reaches the required pressure, it will automatically start counting from 5 to 0
  6. After 3 minutes, your cooker will beep which means the water is boiled and it will automatically change the settings to keep warm function.
  7. You can turn your instant pot off if you wish to by hitting the off button.
  8. Before removing the lid, give some time to your instant pot so that it can release the pressure.
  9. After that remove the lid and dump the boiled water out and be careful while doing this.


Program to use while boiling water in an instant pot

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As it is stated earlier that an instant pot comes with a lot of priest programs that are suitable for different types of recipes. These programs make it easy to make meals quickly and easily.

While boiling water in an instant pot I would personally recommend you use the Saute Function which is more practical and suitable for boiling water.

Duration for boiling water using an instant pot

In comparison with an electric kettle, an instant pot is a lot slower. According to my experience, an instant pot usually takes 4-8 minutes on average to properly boil water for you.


Boiling water feels like one of the most basic things you can do in the kitchen, but if you have an Instant Pot sitting around, it’s probably not something you do all that often.

Instant pots are very useful appliances.

Having an instant pot inside your kitchen can rescue you from many situations and help you as a substitute for many appliances.

They are multi-functional which come with a variety of preset programs that allows you to cook food conveniently.

You can use an instant pot for boiling water by just knowing a little bit about them. Follow the steps to do it right. In this article today we explored how to use an instant pot for boiling water and the steps to follow.