Can You Use Perforated Parchment Paper In Your Air Fryer (Is It Really Safe?) 2022 Guide

Parchment Paper In Air Fryer Guide

As so many questions are popping out from many fries lovers about the idea of perforated parchment paper in your air fryer, well I guess this article might help you out.

Before getting into the topic, first, let’s all get to understand the difference between the parchment and perforated parchment paper. Trust me it’s not too complicated than our lives.

What does perforated parchment paper mean?

Parchment paper is a cellulose-based paper that has been treated or coated to make it a non-stick material.

You may get this question that why perforated parchment paper over parchment paper as they are also kinda parchment paper but that are perforated (pierce) in order, the holes allow the air to circulate through the paper and helps the food to be more crispy and tasty without sticking to the air fryer basket or steamer basket

What is the purpose of using perforated parchment paper in an air fryer?

These are used to line the base of steamers to stop your food from sticking to the base while still permitting the steam to emerge from the simmering water underneath to cook your food.

Interesting huh?

Okay then let me ask you a question, what food do you find more pleasing to have every single time whenever you open your air fryer?

Benefits of using Perforated Parchment paper

The silver lining of people consuming parchment paper is that it conserves cookies from getting hard soon, making patties soft and moist, and brownies fudgy. It also keeps the batter and dough from gluing to containers and provides consistency to the food.

In simple terms, they are greaseproof, nonabsorbent, and nonstick substances.

Apart from these motives, they are also used for many reasons.

  • As it minimizes the quantity of food that gets clasped on the basket or drops into the floor.
  • As most people can’t tolerate sticking issues, hence it helps in keeping the food from sticking into the basket.
  • It maintains the delicate food from tearing up. Well, before learning about these papers, I have suffered from this issue while I was trying to fry my salmon or any other delicate fish. Pfff!
  • The best advantage is it is way too easy to neaten the system as soon as possible. I find cleaning a bigger job than cooking until I have got these ones.
  • Most of the nonstick baskets tend to lose their lining over time and even more so with scrubbing. Well, these liners reduce the scrubbing wear and rip on your baskets. Well, ultimately leading to a brand new basket!
  • It extends the lifespan of your basket.
  • These papers are considered to be used in steaming baskets where you can prepare dumplings like Siu Mai, Steamed Chinese Pork Buns, and momos, YUMMY!
  • Unlike other papers, they are heat-resistant as they are safe to use even at a temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Moreover, these perforated parchment papers are affordable.
  • Oh yeah, you can make your own perforated parchment paper too.

How to make a perforated parchment paper at home?

Go through this easy-peasy method:

  1. Grab a part of parchment or baking paper and fold it in half.
  2. Now fold the paper again into quarters.
  3. All you need to do is fold, continue folding twice more until you have a thin triangle like a sheet.
  4. Crop the paper according to the border of your vessel to know the correct size of your parchment paper to accommodate into your basket.
  5. Cut small-small triangles (holes) along the edge about 2.5 distance.
  6. Now unfold your paper, tada your perforated parchment paper is ready.

For an easy illustration, scroll down to make a no-penny invested perforated parchment paper.

Is it safe to use perforated parchment paper in an air fryer?

Yes of course it is safe to use perforated parchment paper in the air fryer as it doesn’t clog up the air vents thereabouts enhancing the risk of starting a fire. And moreover using these will cook the food evenly. Hurray, it is alright to use it in the air fryer.

How to place parchment paper inside your air fryer?

The perforated parchment paper should be placed at the bottom of the basket.

But if you’re cooking greasy foods or something with a heavy sauce like in the chicken wings, then always place the paper on top as well as at the bottom of the food.

But at the same time, don’t use perforated parchment papers at extremely high temperatures without having food over it. If you don’t have enough food weighing down the parchment papers it will tend to drift around when the hot air is still circulating and wraps the food thereby making the food cook unevenly.

Apt perforated parchment papers for your cooking.

Well, we ultimately prefer perforated parchment papers that have the consistency to make any food tastier and crispy over parchment papers.

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Alternatives for perforated parchment papers

Speaking of alternatives, you can furthermore fill in aluminum foil for perforated parchment paper in place of baking crisp foods as it is garnished with silicon thereby has the capability of withstanding the high temperatures.