Can A Food Processor Crush Ice?

Food Processor

When you are making mocktails, desserts and shaved ice creams, you need crushed ice. The real problem in crushing ice arises when you need a big batch of crushed ice to be served.

You can smash a small batch of ice either by smashing it with a tool after putting in a ziplock bag or just crush them by a muddler if they are just for one or two servings.

A food processor requires having a sturdy sharp blade and powerful enough motor. You will find models of certain food processors to crush ice. But if you don’t have an ice crusher machine at home you can go for the food processor rather than a mixer grinder. You can crush ice well enough at home with a food processor.

For a Food Processor, are there guidelines for crushing ice?

Though the decision of crushing ice in a food processor is contradicted, certain food processor models of companies like Phillips are capable of crushing the ice. If you first use pulse feature with short durations and then blend it well to get snowflakes like crushed ice.

Who doesn’t like getting snowflake ice creams, mocktails and cool drinks in hot summer afternoons and evenings? But, if you or your family requires crushed ice a lot, buying an electric ice crusher will be advised. Or, there will Food processor models that come with a different blade for ice shaving in a food processor.

Though the food processor gives great results, daily use for crushing ice can make the blades dull faster. But if you use occasionally or need crushed ice for our party you can rely on the food processor. As food processors are mostly used for chopping, blending and even kneading doughs without many liquids, crushing ice will not be problematic.

Things to Remember for Food processor Ice Shaving:

There are some tips or guidelines that you can follow to shave ice properly.

Buy the Right Food Processor model:

First and foremost advice is to buy the right kind of model. Getting a model that is powerful enough and is designed to crush ice will save your life and money. Even ice shaver blades for food processors are also available in the market separately.

Some models like Ninja Professional 1500, Cuisinart food processors are powerful processors to crush ice. If you want to buy a separate blade for your food processor you can find the attached blade by some company like Magic Bullet Food Processor. Their ice shaving blade attachment is 10.2×10.2×10.2 cm in dimensions.

Avoid Filling the processor too much:

When you are blending the ice do not fill up too much. Otherwise, the food processor won’t work properly if you fill in too much ice in one go. Try to fill half or one-third of the volume.

Do not shave it at one setting:

Since shaving ice can be difficult ordinary food processors will not smoothly shave it just by running it. Use the pulse feature for 3 to 4 times with short duration. With this, the ice will break down in small pieces and then you can blend it in the processor for finer crushing.

Use the biggest attachment or the grater disc:

This applies to those of you who don’t have an ice shaver attachment. Do not worry about it if you are shaving ice once a month. Just use the attachment that has the biggest blade in the attachments which is generally the shredding attachment. There is also fine grater attachment available which you can use.


Just make sure to follow the guidelines mentioned whenever you are shaving ice using a food processor. A food processor may not be the best appliance for crushing ice. If you need shaved ice regularly just buy a manual or electric ice shaver. Or, if you are using the food processor just once a month doesn’t need to invest in an ice shaver. Or, if you are just using the food processor once a month you don’t need to invest in an ice shaver.

So, this summer, enjoy the best recipes and drinks at home with shaved ice. Even thinking about desserts like shaved ice with mango syrup, orange, strawberry, cherry syrup makes me smile. Also, try out new recipes by setting milk or fruit juice cubes for quick frozen dessert and top them with fresh fruit. Believe me, it tastes like heaven. Use a food processor once in a while to satisfy your frozen dessert cravings.