How to Clean a Toaster Oven with Baking Soda?

cleaning toaster oven

You might be using ovens every day or regularly. They are one of the best inventions to anyone who is a food lover or is lazy. The oven is used for baking, cooking, or drying of a substance. Things like pizza, cake, oven based chicken, and many more can be made.

When we talk about toaster ovens, they can do a lot more than just toasting. They can also be used for cooking everything you cook in a regular oven like pizza, chicken, etc. The Toaster oven has gathered a lot of fame in the market as an alternative for the regular oven.

We all are fond of eating pizzas or cakes, and for preparing them, you need an oven. Eating a pie or pizza is the best feeling, but the cleaning up of an oven is precisely the opposite. It might be so irritating and annoying sometimes. But what to do health should always be our top priority, so it becomes essential to at least clean the products that cook our food.

When you look at your oven after baking or cooking something, don’t you feel like cleaning it? Some people might love cleaning while some hate it now the question is which one are you? The fact about cleaning is that you should adequately know how the procedure must go in a step by step way to get the best-expected results. I’m here to show you the best, the safe, and most comfortable way for cleaning a toaster oven. It’ll require a little time and effort, but afterward, it’ll be worth it.


Using chemicals or cleaners can damage the heating elements and might cost you. Not doing it properly can also be risky, or you might hurt yourself. So knowing the right way is essential. Doing it step by step is necessary and for that.

Let’s quickly see the easiest way to clean an oven.

Can you use baking soda with vinegar?

Using vinegar with baking soda is a technique used by many people to clean their utensils, or When you combine baking soda with vinegar, it creates foamy mixtures, which is excellent at cleaning things.

Many people, including me, use this mixture as it is cost-efficient and easy to use. This mixture helps to remove all the dirt and make things clean as new as we all know that baking soda is nontoxic, and this mixture will never do any harm to your skin. But still, I’ll always consider wearing gloves while cleaning anything.

When you use baking soda and vinegar together, no doubts, they’ll be a fantastic cleaner, and you can also use them around kids and animals. So you can imagine how safe this mixture can be to use.

Things you’ll need for cleaning.

  • Baking soda (the most important thing)
  • Water (for cleaning and shine)
  • Rubber glove ( for protection of your skin)
  • Dampstitch cloth (for removal of the mixture)
  • Plastic or silicone spatula (in case of material isn’t enough)
  • Spray bottle(for spraying vinegar)
  • Vinegar (for removing baking soda)

If you’ve gathered all the above-mentioned things, let’s just quickly start with the cleaning process.

Unplug it

The first and the foremost step is to make sure that you’ve unplugged the oven from the switch. Once you’ve disconnected it, let the stove get cool and do not try to clean it when it’s hot.

Empty the oven

Remove everything that is inside your furnace along with the oven racks, pizza stone, food items, the oven thermometer, and anything else which is inside the oven. This will make it easy for us to clean it properly without any damage to us and the oven both.

Make a baking soda paste

Take a small bowl and add ½ cup of baking soda along with a few tablespoons of water make sure you do not gain excess water. Adjust the ratio of both until it becomes a spreadable paste. I took three tablespoons of water, and the dough was ready to be applied. You can try it or take it according to you.

Apply the paste

Coat your oven with the paste that you just prepared on the inside surfaces of the oven. Apply it all over the surface, and I would recommend you use gloves and be careful near heating elements.reach all the corners which are dirty and wearing a glove will make sure you don’t get hurt. The color of the baking soda will turn brownish as you’ll rub it in. Try your best to apply it all over the surface and pay extra attention to areas that contain grease. This will help you clean it properly.

Leave it overnight

Let the applied mixture stay over the surfaces of your oven for a long time. I kept it for more than 12 hours. You can keep it at night and continue with further procedures in the morning. Let the baking soda do its magic overnight.

Clean the racks

When you’ve kept the mixture to do the magic. I would recommend you to clean the removed oven racks in the meantime. Make sure you rub them in a proper way that is not too hard or soft. You can use a big bucket or bathtub for this.

Wipeout your oven

Getting back to the oven now, use a damp dishcloth to wipe the surfaces of the oven. Make sure to properly clean and wipe out as much as possible. You can use plastic or silicone spatula to remove and scrape off the paste. I only used a damp cloth, but a silicone spatula might help to reach hard to reach places.

Use vinegar

Now take a little vinegar and spray it wherever you see baking soda in your oven. The vinegar will react with the soda and remove it gently. Spraying vinegar will make things easier to remove the soda left on the surface.

Final wiping

Take the damp cloth and try wiping out the foamy mixture of baking soda and vinegar. Make sure to keep wiping until all the batter gets wiped out. Use water while removing it quickly and accurately, and this will also provide a clean and shiny look.

Replace the oven racks

Replace all the racks that you keep in the oven after properly making them dry. Place them inside the oven, and every other thing you stay inside the oven and you’re ready with your clean and shiny oven.

Your oven is now ready as new, and now you can cook all the delicious things in it as and when you feel like, and if it gets dirty again soon, you know how to clean it quickly and accurately.

How baking soda works as a cleaner.

Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate; it is a natural substance that is present in all kinds of living organisms. Most of the people only know that it can be used only for the purpose of baking, but it has more to it. Its properties are significant and comprehensive.

Baking soda is used for cleaning purposes as it helps to ease the procedure and cleans things properly. It is naturally alkaline, and it reacts to water and chemicals, which help in cleaning all the dusty and dirty particles.

As it is used in baking purposes, it is completely nontoxic.

Baking soda is extremely safe and can be used for cleaning purposes.

It can be used to clean different household items, such as.

  • Glass
  • Microwaves
  • Plastic
  • Tiles and sinks
  • Teeth

Best way to get baked on grease from your oven.

Most of the toaster ovens are made of aluminum. You cannot use a typical oven cleaner for them. Use the same steps above and continue by spreading the baking soda where the baked-on grease is.

In this case, we do not need to wait for long hours, and just a few minutes will do the work for you.

After this, use a scrubbing pad and take little lukewarm water and start scrubbing the greasy parts gently if this doesn’t help try spraying some vinegar on it.

All the dust and the dirt will disappear, and you’ll find a fresh and clean oven.

How to clean the heating elements.

We all feel like not putting any chemicals or even baking soda on the heating elements of the oven.

For cleaning this, use a sponge or cloth in warm water and start wiping the heating element. If you’ve read this article and followed all the steps, this is the thing you need to do initially while cleaning a heating element.

Make sure you do not use soaps or any other cleaners over the heating element; otherwise, it may cost you.

It may feel good to clean it with baking soda, but if you do not clean it correctly, the smell of the soda may remain when you cook something after cleaning.

Finding the best toaster oven can be challenging, but you’ve to consider some things like size, shape, features, heating capacity, LCD screen, and many more. Toaster ovens have been trending in the market as an alternative for a regular oven. Below mentioned are some of the links of the Best Toaster ovens available in the market.


Cleaning a toaster oven is something that happens in every kitchen.

If you have an oven, then probably you should also learn to clean it because it’s the place where you bake or cook your food, so it becomes necessary for you to keep it clean. I hope you found everything you were looking for in this article.

In this article, we learned that using harsh chemicals may destroy your oven. We also learned about cleaning the heating elements in a toaster and how to get rid of dust and dirt.

In short, We explored how to clean a toaster oven using baking soda in the best possible way without any harm or damages.