Vitamix Professional Series 200 Vs 5200(Know The Better Choice)

vitamix blenders professional 200 vs 5200

The Vitamix has a long line of quality and reliable blenders and today we are gonna look at two of these.

The Vitamix Professional 200 and 5200 are two of Vitamix’s popular blenders. Both are top quality and high-performance blenders, both these blenders boast powerful motors that make them one of the best blenders available in the market.

In this article, we will shed light on both these blenders and know their similarities and differences. So, let’s get started.

Vitamix 200 First Impressions

Vitamix 200 is part of the Vitamix C-platform. This model is optimized for professional chefs.

It comes with a pitcher that comes with different speed settings for the ultimate blending experience.

This blender comes with a powerful motor that will make juicing a more convenient task.

Vitamix 5200 First Impressions

Vitamix 5200 is a top-class blender, in fact, it is one of the best blenders Vitamix is providing.

This unit was launched back in 2007 and still is regarded best due to its innovation and technology.


These two models are similar on many fronts in terms of motor, variable speeds, cooking system, pitcher, and more.

Let’s see these similarities in an elaborate manner:

Pitcher Size – Both of these blenders have the same pitcher size – 64 ounces approx. The capacities of both these blenders are large enough to hold large-sized portions that are enough for the entire house.

Blades – These blenders are equipped with stainless steel blades. These blades are sufficiently functional and will crush the food to very fine details to give you a smooth and consistent blend.

Blending Speed – The performance of both these blenders can be regarded as the same. These blenders hardly take 6-7 minutes to extract juice from your food ingredients.

The extraction time of these two blenders is faster than the majority of the blenders available in the market.


Dimension –

Vitamix Pro 200 has a dimension of 9 x 8.8 x 20.2 inches, while on the other hand, Vitamix 5200 has a dimension of 8.75 x 7.25 x 20.5 inches. Vitamix 5200 is generally large, especially in the matter of height.

On the contrary, Vitamix 200 comes with a low profile, and the large base makes it stable. So, Vitamix 200 is generally easy to carry in comparison with Vitamix 5200.

Weight –

Both these appliances come around in different weights. Vitamix 5200 has a weight of 10.56 pounds whereas Vitamix Pro 200 has a weight of 16.85 pounds. The difference of 6 pounds typically affects the choice of customers because the lightweight of Vitamix 5200 makes it more portable.

Speed Control –

Both these blenders come with different speeds, but their operation differs slightly.

Vitamix 200 features ten variable speeds alongside a pulse feature. These two together allow you to change the speed and texture of the blend.

Vitamix 5200, on the other hand, comes with just an adjustable dial, and not a 10 variable speed. The rotating dial gives you some variety in the texture and blending process.

Power Consumption –

The power consumption of both these blenders is the same, they produce different outputs. Here, output determines the efficiency of the blending process.

Vitamix 200 generates a power of 1400W whereas Vitamix 5200 generates 1380W of power. The power output seems to be similar, though it is focused on performance.

Versatility –

The versatility of a blender, the number of recipes and ingredients you can make, is an important point for consideration.

Vitamix Pro 200 is quite limited only to its crushing performance, it will only let you crush and blend fruits and vegetables.

Vitamix 5200, on the other hand, is a total all-rounder and gives plenty of options. Besides blending and crushing fruits and vegetables, it also allows you to crush nuts and frozen ingredients.


Vitamix is surely a go-to option if you are looking for a blender that reflects a healthy lifestyle. However, the best one will depend on individual needs and preferences.

Since you are purchasing the blender from the top brand and you are spending your hard-earned money, you should surely go for the best product.

I hope this article might help you in knowing the best blender.