What Blender Does Smoothie King Use (The Brand _ Details)

smoothie blender

Smoothie King is widely known for its refreshing smoothies all over the world.

They have some of the best-trained employees in the industry who blends nutritious and tasty smoothies.

Smoothie King not only owes its success to the skilful workers, but to an 18 inches appliance they use. Many people wonder that what blender does smoothie king use?

It is obvious that blender is responsible for blending those millions of smoothies that made Smoothie King so popular.


Every smoothie is only possible due to that magic blender which is not only durable, but cost effective too. It is considered as the vital part of blending process as it gives proper texture and flavour to make a smoothie that will make you its fan. Therefore, today we are here to disclose the brand and other details about the blender used by Smoothie King.

The Quiet One


The Smoothie King uses the one and only Vitamix’s Quiet One countertop blender in all the branches around the world. I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t heard the name- Vitamix. They have specially designed the removable and stackable lid for Smoothie King.

The Quiet One features an advanced BPA-free container for better quality. Also, it offers 34 program options with a six touch-button panel on the bottom.

This makes it a perfect combination of speed and elegance that makes it the most suitable blender for Smoothie King.


Let us throw light on some points that makes The Quiet One a better choice over other competitors in the market.

Less Noise

As the name suggests, The Quiet One is equipped with a vibration dampening technology to ensure the minimum noise output. The plastic body adds up in the fact that there is almost no noise in compare to other commercial blenders.

Easy to Use

This particular model by Vitamix is specially designed for bare, coffee shops, cafes and other smoothie joints. The 48 oz Tritan container is engraved with measuring markings for the ingredients. Use can easily use frozen items in the container as there is absolutely no dripping issues while blending. You can easily clean the container after the job with just running water.


Smoothie King obviously don’t want their smoothies to taste different every time they blend something. The Quiet One is able to perform with same consistency in long-run and does not compromise with the quality of smoothies.


As mentioned above, The Quiet One consists of 34 optimisations with 93 different speed variations with just 6 touch-buttons control panel. This allows you to choose the perfect consistency for your drinks. The advanced 3HP motor can easily chop through almost anything with an ease.


This blender is not going anywhere for years, but still Vitamix provides a 3-year warranty with this product with one year of labour. Moreover, the container and blades come with one-year warranty each. With proper handling and maintenance, it will never go down.

The Drawbacks

With almost perfect in every aspect, Vitamix’s Quiet One certainly lacks in some areas. The countless service options that it provides certainly comes with a price tag. It might seem to be a bit expensive in the starting, but with time it proves to be worthy of the claims. Moreover, the warranty period could have been added a few more years, but trust me, the blender hasn’t disappointed the past users.

Final Thoughts


The Quiet One is definitely the best choice for a name as big as Smoothie King.

The silent motors make it the first choice for workplaces where workers need to blend something every minute.

No doubt, the numerous controls and programs will take some time to understand.

But once you get your hands over it, it will become easy to operate.

It is a unique piece of technology whose vast features over-shadows a few drawbacks. This makes it the magic blender of Smoothie King.