What Blender Does Starbucks Use? – 2022 Guide


The best blender in the market for cafes, restaurants, and even home blenders is believed to be the one Starbucks uses.

This most famous coffee business giant has made people wonder what kind of blender of which company they are using to make their signature delicious drinks. They use a 48 ounce Vitamix blender that is with 3 horsepower. Vitamix blenders have a very good reputation in the market for having outstanding blending speed, great blending knife quality, and ease of use.

Vitamix The Quiet One

The model that Starbucks specifically uses almost all over the world is Vitamix, the quiet one which you can find at Culinary Depot. It is one of the best Vitamix blenders.

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The blender comes with a removable sound enclosure removing unnecessary noises. And, the power, capacity, and blending quality are smooth which makes it a good commercial-grade blender.

Highlighting features:

  • Extraordinary noise cancellation
  • 3HP motor with 120V power supply
  • 6 levels of power setting
  • The consistent blending of both hot and frozen ingredients

This product is sturdy and purees smoothies, frappés, shakes, soups, and frozen desserts to perfect consistency. Even very fibrous fruits and green like asparagus, lettuce, carrots can be blended to lump fewer purees.

The only thing you should consider is the purpose of using this model. It is completely made for commercial use, not domestic use.

Other Vitamix Blenders for Best blending

Vitamix has a wide range of blenders both commercial-grade and stationary use. The power goes up to 3.5 horsepower in some models and the capacity up to 65 oz. They have family-friendly S series, the classic series and the commercial series and the Ascent series also for commercial use.

Here are some of the best commercial blenders for you to choose if you are looking to buy it for your cafe or restaurant except for The Commercial Series The Quiet One

The Drink Machine Advance & The Drink Machine Advance twice:

These two machines are put together here because they are very similar in function and usability except for their volume capacity. The first one is the 48-ounce capacity and the second one is the 64-ounce capacity.

These machines are specifically designed for commercial purposes. They crush ices very well to prepare drinks and are perfect for batch making of drinks.

  • Optimization of settings with 6 program
  • Auto shut-off
  • Pulse feature
  • Great with ice and pulses
  • 3-year warranty with 1year warranty for the attachments.

The only thing concerning about this model is its price. It is quite high-end but the durability and functionality in a commercial environment are worth it.

1. Vitamix professional series 750 Blender:

The Vitamix Professional 750 series blenders are affordable and serve multiple uses like pureeing, grinding, chopping. The perfect blender for home cooking and small-scale diner restaurants.

  • 4 preset settings
  • Auto clean function
  • Impressive 64-ounce capacity
  • Pulse function

This one is a very good product for everyday cooking and quite affordable.

2. Vitamix A2500 Ascend Blender Series :


A2500 Ascend commercial grade is one of the most sold models. The features include android and iOS compatibility with other signature Vitamix features like blending options, auto clean, cooling motor and sturdy blades.

  • 4 settings and self-detection for perfect blending
  • Auto clean option
  • 64 oz capacity
  • Pulse feature
  • Built-in wireless connectivity
  • Great blending power and durable

Ascend 2500 is the perfect commercial-grade blender and most convenient to use and clean. The wireless connectivity and preset timer give it more reason to be a choice.

These are the best three commercial-grade blenders from Vitamix that you can completely rely on. Most of the Vitamix blenders are trusted by commercial giants because of their performance, unparalleled blending capacity and durability.