What Happen if You Leave The Refrigerator Door Open? – 2022 Guide

What happens if you leave the Refrigerator Door Open 1

Refrigerators are very important in everyday life. They are the most important appliance inside your kitchen. We all love to open our refrigerator again and again and check whether it has something to eat. We do this on and on and sometimes every few minutes.

It is possible that, while doing this, again and again, we might forget to close the refrigerator door. Life has become very busy and during these buddy times, it is understandable to forget to close the refrigerator door sometimes and you aren’t the only one making this mistake. In this situation, there might be one question arising in your head that is what will happen if I leave my refrigerator door open for a long time?

Today I will try my very best to answer all your doubts regarding this question arising in your head.

Let’s quickly look at the possibilities that can take place in case you leave your refrigerator door open for a few hours.

What happens if you leave the Refrigerator Door Open?

Some small things might occur when you forget to close your refrigerator door.

Things inside the fridge will start getting warm and result in spoilage

We use refrigerators to keep the foods at a cool temperature, as a cool temperature is good to keep the food items fresh for a long time and preserve them. This helps us to prevent any kind of wastage and spoilage.

If you leave your refrigerator door open for a long time, the temperature inside your fridge will start increasing as all the cooling will be released in thin air and this will turn the food warm.

If you kept the fridge at the right temperature then the cooling will stay a bit longer and the food won’t spoil if you are fortunate enough. Things like bread, milk, fruits, and veggies won’t get spoiled probably.

On the other hand, there is some kind of foods that are very sensitive and spoil quickly in case you leave the fridge open. So you should check before consuming such types of foods. Anything that has a cream or is creamy is tended to spoil quickly as they have a very short tolerance rate.

The spoilage of food depends on the time that you leave the fridge door open and I would strongly recommend checking before consuming anything after such scenarios. It is recommended that if your fridge was running at 105 Fahrenheit for more than 120 minutes then not consume food from it. The wastage and spoilage mostly depend on the type of food and time for which the door was open.

Moist formation

When you leave the refrigerator door open and unattended then the air which is flowing inside the refrigerator will automatically mix with the cool breeze inside your refrigerator. Naturally, the warm air mixing with the cool one results in the formation of moisture.

This will result in the formation of moist in every part of the fridge and food items will turn wet. The refrigerator automatically turns off or lowers the temperature when the right temperature is reached but in case you leave it open and there is warm air the compressor will work continuously because the sensors will not be able to sense the right temperature and this will lead to the creation of moisture more.

Cooling again will take longer

After you return to your fridge and notice the door open and finally close it. The fridge tries to return to its normal temperature.

However, this will take longer than usual due to the coils that are frozen and the defrosting process will start before the fridge comes back to its normal temperature. It might take as long as 24 hours to get cool again.

Compressor might fail

There are certain possibilities where you leave the refrigerator door open for a long time unattended and after that, there is a failure of the compressor.

This happens because the compressor keeps working continuously to cool the fridge as the sensors cannot detect the right temperature and this might lead to compressor failure.

This can happen rarely and you don’t have to worry about it much if you have a good quality modern refrigerator.

Nothing will happen to your refrigerator

If you leave the fridge door open for long and worry that damages can take place then you do not have to overthink as nothing will happen to your refrigerator it will automatically start working normally once closed again.

How long can the fridge door be left open?

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This question cannot be answered precisely as many factors consider this. The type of food and the model of your refrigerator will play an important role in this.

Some refrigerators can keep food cooler longer than other ones. The average time a refrigerator door can be left open without spoilage is 60-240 minutes.


Leaving the fridge door open might result in some kind of wastages and spoilage but possibly you won’t be facing big damages. Forgetting to close the fridge door is very common.

I would strongly recommend you to check the food before consuming it when such situations take place.

I hope you find this article useful and all the questions inside your brain were answered by me and now you know what all things can happen if you leave your refrigerator door left open and unattended.