Pot vs Pan: The Core Differences

differentiating between pot vs pan

Earlier, for me, the only function of a pot and a pan is to be just a container for cooking. Would you be able to state the differences between them? In this article, I will be stating the core differences between a pot and pan.

One of the basic differences which literally everyone thinks is true is the depth. It would not be wrong to say that pots are deep but it is not always true that all the pans are not deep. Some pans are a bit extra deep that people might get confused them with pots while differentiating between them. Although, the noticeable thing to differentiate is the sides.

The pan, in general, has sides that broaden just an inch or two from the base. Then again, pots are more profound and have high sides that run straight up from a round base.

Another core difference is the purpose of the utensil in the kitchen, of course, I know cooking is the main function but, what kind of food should be cooked in them? Do you know? Well, let’s find out. Pots are intended to be utilized when a lot of water is included. Pots’ stretched sides permit water to warm quickly, whereas, the pan is shallow and should be used to cook fast foods. They are ideal for sautéing and food for shallow frying. Its wide base takes into account small quantities and shallow layers of food to prepare rapidly.

Despite the fact that there are differences between pots and pans, it is conceivable to utilize them for similar cooking methods. For instance, braising or slow cooking a bit of meat in a modest quantity of water, should be possible in either. Some pasta dishes, particularly ones where the pasta is cooked in with carmelized meat like in skillet suppers, are made in a container. Additionally, a pot can be effectively called a pan, yet a pan can’t be accurately called a pot.