How Long To Grill Burgers – 2022 Guide

How Long To Grill Burgers
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Knowing how long to grill burgers is the real game-changer that gives you juicy and perfectly cooked tender burgers.

The mere thought of taking a bite out of a juicy beef burger is enough to water anyone’s mouth. But, if you do not know your way around the kitchen or always end up overcooking the burger, then, unfortunately, you have to rely on ordering from a burger joint to satisfy that craving.

However, that changes today as I am going to share with you a few tips that will help you cook the perfect burger. More importantly, I am going to share precisely how long to grill burgers to make sure they come out juicy and tender and not dry and bland.

How Long To Grill Burgers

Preparing Burgers

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Picking The Meat

Before we dive right into the grilling part, we have to discuss another important factor which is picking the meat for the burgers. Most people prefer burgers with beef patties; however, you can also make turkey or chicken burgers. For this one, we are going with the beef option. You need to make sure that you pick the right amount of ground beef, no more or no less. 1 ½ pound of ground beef is enough to make 4 burgers.

Preparing The Beef Patty

In order to prepare the patty, first, you need to season the patty properly. You can use kosher salt, black pepper, white pepper, and canola oil for seasoning. The amount of all of these ingredients depends on personal preference. Make sure to mix all the seasoning in the ground beef properly.

Making The Beef Patty

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After you are done mixing, then comes the real part, which is making a perfect beef patty for the burger. The size of the patty depends upon the size of the bun. When beef is cooked, it tends to shrink. So, when you are making a patty with raw ground beef, make sure that it is an inch larger than the size of the bun.

An important thing to keep in mind here is that the longer you hold the beef in your hand, the less juicy the patty will be as the fat will start melting in your hands. Therefore, you want to work with cold hands and make the patty swiftly. You can also make the patty on top of parchment paper on the kitchen counter. Once the patty is made, you need to take a spoon and gently apply a little pressure in the center of the patty, which is called dimpling. This technique makes sure that the burger does not get puffed up in the center.

Using A Grill Or Pan

A burger can be made on a grill or a saute pan. If you use a grill, make sure that the grill is properly clean with no leftovers from the last meal. Heat the grill at a high flame, and do not put any oil on the grill. Make sure that the temperature of the grill is a minimum of 145°F.

Apply oil on the beef patty with a brush, and then put it on the grill. Similarly, if you are going to use a pan, make sure it has been thoroughly cleaned and washed. Then put some oil in the pan and light the flame. Once the oil starts simmering, put the patty on the pan.

How Long To Grill

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Making the burger patty was not the difficult part. The real deal is knowing how long to grill burgers so that you end up with a perfectly cooked, juicy beef patty. The cooking duration determines the type of beef patty. There are four types of beef patties based on the cooking time.


A rare patty is one that is cooked for the least amount of time. Once you put the patty on the grill, you cook for 3 minutes on one side and then flip it. After flipping, you need to cook the patty for approximately four minutes at 125°F on the other side before removing it from the grill.

Medium Rare

A medium-rare patty is cooked for a slightly longer period of time than the rare. After putting the burger on the grill, you need to cook it for 3 minutes before flipping it. After flipping, let it cook for almost 5 minutes on the second side, after it gets brown.

Medium Well

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A medium-well patty is more loved as it is cooked for longer than the previous two. For a medium-well, you need to cook the patty for 3 minutes from the first side and then flip it. After flipping, let it cook for almost 6 minutes on the other side, then remove it from the grill.

Well done

A well-done burger is one that is cooked for the longest period of time. However, even after getting cooked for a long time, it is still juicy and moist. After adding the burger to the grill, cook it for 3 minutes on the first side. Then flip it and cook it for 8 to 9 minutes on the second side with a temperature of 160°F.

Assembling The Burgers

Once the beef patty is cooked according to your liking, add a slice of cheese to the side of the patty that is facing upwards. Toast the bun on the grill for a few minutes. Remove the bun from the grill and add any sauce of your liking, then add the beef patty, and your burger is ready!


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How many times should you flip a burger on the grill?

Despite common belief, flipping the beef patty too often or too soon can ruin it, as it will lose its shape, and the ground beef will start falling apart. Make sure to let it cook for about 3 to 4 minutes before you flip it for the first time. The same goes for the other side.

How do you tell if a burger is done?

There is only one way to accurately tell if the burger is done or not, and that is via a thermometer. You need to stick the thermometer in the center of the beef patty, and if the temperature is 155°F or above, then the burger is perfectly cooked and ready.


Everybody loves the taste of a fresh, warm, and juicy beef burger. I have shared all the knowledge that I had regarding beef burgers in this article. So, give it a thorough read and know how long you need to grill to get that perfectly tender and juicy burger.