Pit Boss vs Traeger – Which is Better? – 2022 Grill Comparison

Grill Comparison Pit Boss vs Traeger

Speaking facts: Slow-cooked food on low flame is more delicious, tendering, scrumptious and savory. This is why pellet grills are popular in the grilling industry because there is no direct exposure of heat to the food as smoke circulates in the chamber only. This “low and slow” cuisine phenomenon has enhanced the flavor of every food item, especially meat. Besides taste, these pellet grills are versatile and allow you to enjoy burgers, steaks, barbecue, salmon, veggies, pizza, and much more in your backyard.

Guess you’re not aware of grilling much; a pellet grill can save you there too. The advanced models of pellet grills also come with technology that will make grilling more convenient and manageable through specs like temperature monitoring, built-in WiFi, application software, and more. In a few words, pellet grills are convenient, multi-functional, advanced, efficient, and feature uniform heat and smoke distribution.

So, once you have decided to purchase a pellet grill, there is still confusion in the market: Traeger vs. Pit boss! Both brands have a good market position and range of products, each claiming itself the best. In this scenario, users get confused between two and might end up having a non-suitable product. Don’t fret! I have already done your work and came here with an idea to compare both with you all and then mutually we’ll decide which one is better and why!

Pit Boss vs. Traeger

Brand History

Traeger has an interesting background, as the brand was developed when Joe Traeger experimented on wood-burning stoves. The idea of heat and smoker to enhance the food flavor originated and expanded in pellet grills. The first Traeger pellet grill was designed in the mid-1980s by Traeger himself, and with consistent effort, the Traeger grills ruled over the market for 20+ years by then.

Throughout the time, Traeger has stayed as a small corporation that was grounded out of Oregon. After 2006, the company faced ups and downs because of the flood of new competitors in the pellet grills market. Still, after adopting innovative technologies and standards, the company stepped back like a pro! Undoubtedly, Traeger has a separate and well-known market reputation because of its impressive history. It would be right if I said that Traeger is the base pillar of pellet grills.

On the other hand, Pitboss is one of those companies that start challenging Traeger early. The corporation stepped into the market in 1999 and was founded by Dan Thiessen. The company positioned itself by producing one of the most affordable yet highly efficient options in the industry. Though, their low price was one of the strongest points they have had against Traeger.

The company faced some downs in 2018 but managed to stand in a reputable position by gaining customer trust. Pit Boss products are indeed well-designed, budget-friendly, and user-friendly. You can use a Pit Boss grill for years because of its excellent durability.

Build Quality

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Traeger has been the front runner in the grilling industry in terms of build quality. The company used sturdy metals to construct pellet grills, which add durability, strength, resistance, and shock absorbance to the item. However, since the production house has moved to China, we see a clear difference in the quality of some products. However, if you choose a heavy-duty grill by Traeger, you’ll never regret it.

With the flip of a coin, the Pit Boss products are a little flimsier than Trager grills in terms of construction. But, again, that’s not the case with top-line items by Pitboss. You’ll surely get great sturdiness and insulation from the pellet grills by Pitboss. I found the latest Pitboss models better than previous ones because these products boast stainless steel profiles with excellent quality temperature regulators.

Cooking Area

The cooking area of a pellet grill refers to the surface offered for cooking items. This surface area is covered with grid lines made of robust material in grills by both brands. The Traeger does have some large pellet grills, which offer vast areas for cooking and are enough to feed large families. But, those products are pretty expensive and might be out of your budget criteria.

Toss up! The Pitboss makes the best choice if you’re tight on budget and want a big grill that serves eight to ten people at once. In short, the Pitboss has a variety of options that offer good surface area at a reasonable price, but Traeger products are expensive in that sense.

In addition, the quality of grates also matters when we’re considering the cooking area value. After experiencing different pellet grills, I concluded that stainless-steel material is highly robust, resistant, and heat-retaining metal. Also, the advanced pellet grills offer enamel-coated grates which are non-stick and smooth, adding ease of cooking. Fortunately, these grates are found in both: Pit Boss and Traeger models.

Temperature Regulation

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Temperature control is an essential factor while evaluating the best pellet grills. It refers to the ability of a grill to control or regulate the ambient temperature with precision. All the available pellet grills in the market are advertised as excellent, but of course, all are not equally accurate or efficient. Thus, I decided to compare this factor by using both Traeger and Pit Boss.

Two main variables are involved in the temperature regulation debate. First is the insulation of a pellet grill, which requires heat retention, heat distribution, smoke distribution, and consistency. This component is responsible for the even distribution of heat to cook food in a better way. Secondly, your ability to set the temperature control matters because if you’re not doing it well enough, it will affect the cooking afterward.

Comparatively, Traeger grills do a great job when it comes to heat retention. In Traeger pellet grills, each cooking chamber consists of two layers of stainless steel material which boasts excellent insulation. The material also gives out the best heat retention results, facilitating the phenomenon of slow and uniform heat in an improved way. In a nutshell, even when it’s cold outside, you will not face any heat loss issues in Traeger models.

In the context of precision, you can set the Traeger grills in increments of 15 degrees Fahrenheit, which is standard in every good quality pellet grill. I found this increment value good enough for everyday food items, but sometimes, you might need to control temperature more precisely. Hence, I recommend you to go for some premium Traeger models. These grills offer an increment of 5 degrees Fahrenheit which is exceptionally significant.

Flipping the page! Pit Boss grills undoubtedly feature great building and do an excellent job of heat retention too. I haven’t felt any heat loss or heat leakage issue in Pit Boss grills too. However, Pitboss has some low-price models that give average heat retention, but that’s fine on the cheap budget line.

The Pit Boss is on the little downside in terms of precision because their models show an increment of 25 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite a big gap. That’s why if you are looking for an exact model, then you should consider Traeger models. In conclusion, I must say that temperature precision is average in Pit Boss grills, but heat retention is good.

Range Of Temperature

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The term “Pellet grill” means grill at a suitable temperature, i.e., 400-degree Fahrenheit, but this is quite misleading because some models max out this. But, all thanks to the Traeger, which recently updated their smokers and now offer a max temperature of around 500-degree Fahrenheit. This temperature range is pretty hot to reverse the smoke and maintain the phenomenon of reverse smoking, facilitating the enhanced flavor and even cooking.

In the chapter on Temperature range, I found Pit Boss edgy over the Traeger grills because of their sliding sear plate, which allows you to grill food on an open-ended wood-fire blaze. This concept of direct searing is excellent when you crave a crispy and scrumptious crust with increased moisture retention. In a few words, the sliding direct sear plate idea is a positive side for PitBoss!

On the other extreme side, we see the minimum temperature of both pellet grills. I experienced that both Trager grills and Pit Boss grills have almost the same minimum temperature range, which means that both are equally effective in cooling down smoke. This characteristic is beneficial for making smoked cheese, nuts or salmon, etc.

Hopper Size

For your information, the hopper capacity influences the longevity of smoking without being touched. In other words, the hopper’s size is inversely proportional to the fueling time. The Traeger grills come with an 18 pounds hopper, which is quite generous to handle cooking procedures without refueling.

Contrarily, the Pitboss has a variety of sizes: minimal to very large. Some models are similar to Traeger, but you will also find some with a hopper size of 55 pounds, which is mammoth! These giant advanced models allow you to cook for 24 hours or more without fueling the grill. Isn’t it amazing?

Additional Features

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“The more the Sweat, The more the Reward”! This is how additional features work! If you purchase an advanced and expensive model, you will get more additional features. While, if you select the affordable and old-fashioned one, then you’ll get an elementary profile with basic features. So, it all depends on your choice and preference!

The additional or advanced features are extra shelves, folding sides, roomy cabinets, stands, etc., which possess room for cooking essentials. I found cabinets very convenient because you can store spatulas, coal, wood pieces, cooking pots, or spoons, facilitating a complete outdoor grilling session.

Over that, the modern pellet grills by both brands also offer WiFi connectivity, timers, alarms, phone application, and more. These smart features allow you to connect with your smoker through your phone and enjoy parties, movies, do house chores, or even sleep without worrying about your food. The mobile apps are specifically made for your grill, giving you a range of recipes and preventive measures, which help you in your daily grilling seasons.


Price is another critical factor for buyers because everyone is searching for an affordable yet efficient product. As per my experience, you can buy a standard propane or charcoal grill, which sits on a shelf for under $100. Besides, if you want more functions or specifications like a smoker, you have to pay a little more. On the other hand, the heavy-duty wood pellet grills cost you $1000 or even more because of their build quality and efficiency.

That’s about the price difference based on the product class, while if we consider Traeger vs. Pit Boss, then Pit Boss is the front-runner. You can find excellent Pit Boss pellet grills under $1000, and some popular models of Pit Boss are also available in the range of $500 to $700. In a few words, budget-conscious buyers will not think twice while purchasing a Pit Boss grill, but that’s not the case in Traeger’s market.


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Is Traeger made in the USA?

Traeger products were made in the United States before 2006. But, afterward, the production houses moved to China, and manufacturing switched to the international level. However, a noticeable difference was faced in quality after this transfer.

Can you sear on a Traeger?

Yes, you can sear food items on Traeger. Searing means direct flaming, which gives beautiful flame marks and enhanced food flavor. I found searing great for the crust, crispy items, and barbecue.

Which pit boss is the best?

Memphis pellet grill by Pit Boss is an ultimate smoker, which is extraordinarily efficient, convenient, and portable. Plus, I found Pit Boss 820 FB and PB 440TGR1 models excellent in terms of heat retention, reverse smoking, efficiency, and more. Besides, you have to consider several factors while buying the best pellet grill, like heat retention, smoke distribution, build quality, price, profile, and more.

Traeger vs. Pit Boss: Which One Is Better?

In my opinion, Traeger pellet grills are a better option for those who believe in quality and efficiency more than price. Traeger models are also more popular and offer better functioning and control. With the flip of a coin, if you’re a budget-conscious buyer, then Pit Boss is an excellent choice because its products are affordable and more versatile.