How to Use a Juicer to Make Orange Juice? – 2022 Guide

make orange juice

Everyone loves orange juice and is fond of the fresh and relaxing taste of the orange juice, as nothing can beat it. The sweet smell pulls you and makes your mouth watery. Enjoying orange juice doesn’t have any kind of time limit so you can enjoy it anytime.

I’ve done some research and digging on how to make orange juice with a juicer and got many questions and then also searched for the answers. When you are thinking of making an orange juice, it’s just not always about the oranges and the juicer, it has got a lot more to it with many questions popping. Let’s just try to quickly resolve all the issues that are important and related to the making of orange juice.

While preparing orange juice, you can either use a hand squeezer, regular juicer, or a citrus juicer. The first step is to peel the oranges while using an electric juicer. Using a hand squeezer can be a lot of effort so if you’re lacking a regular juicer you can use a citrus juicer which can make the job a whole lot easier. Having a juicer and that too the best one can help you enjoy your weekends and even your weekdays according to your mood.

Can you use a juicer for making orange juice?

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In a single word, the answer is Yes.

I have a juicer named Mueller Austria juicer. I’ve been using it for 4 years now preparing juices 4-5 days every week with no issues. I would also recommend this juicer to you without any second thoughts.

You can use a juicer to make orange juice because it is made for that purpose.

Method for preparing orange juice.

Wash them

The first step is to wash the oranges with water and sanitize them properly.

Cut them

Cut the oranges into two halves.

Deseed them

Deseed the oranges. Removing the seed before putting the orange in the juicer is very important.

Separate the segments

After that, take the oranges and peel them off and separate the orange segments.

Switch on the juicer

Take the juicer plug it in. start the grind.

Add the segments

Add a few orange segments at a time inside the juicer.

Add water

Add ½ cup water inside the juicer. This helps the blending process easier.

Close the lid

Now close the lid of the juicer and start the juicer.


When the juice is ready to transfer it into a vessel or a strainer.


Strain it well so only the juice enters the glass.


Now you can enjoy your juice while watching a cricket match or your favorite movie.

You can also make orange juice for the guests visiting you and make them happy. This will cost you very little compared to anything ordered online or soft drinks.

How much juice does an orange give you?

One orange provides 4 tablespoons of juice that can be 2oz of juice. It mainly depends upon the type and size of the orange you use.

To fill a typical container of a juicer you’ll need 26 oranges.

Types of Oranges.

The juice that you are going to make may differ in taste depending upon the type of orange you use for making it. There are different types of oranges. Every type has some different features or taste and every orange has a purpose, say Valencia oranges, they are the best type of oranges for preparing a juice whereas a Navel orange is the one which tastes the best while eating.

Take a look at the most common ones-

Navel orange

This is the most common oranges generally preferred for eating and can be found anywhere in the market. It’s a little on the large size with a thick skin.

Blood orange

This is one of the juiciest oranges in the family of citrus. The flesh as the name suggests is dark red so is the juice made from it.


These oranges have a thick skin but they are not like navels. They are very juicy and sweet. They have seeds in them so while making a juice watch and pick them out carefully.


They are smaller and sweeter than all the other oranges with a sweet flavor. Their skin is very thin which makes it easier to peel off and make juice.


This type of oranges is small and seedless and they are also called cuties. They are great for snacks.

Mandarin oranges

They are smaller, sweeter, and very easy to peel. They belong to the same citrus family as tangerine and clementine.

Ways to make our orange juice taste better.

The real taste is the best one.

Probably never add any kind of sweetener or essence for taste or color. Don’t even dilute it using water for increasing the quantity of the juice.

Using the right kind of orange is very crucial for the taste. And the juicer that you use plays an important role in how the taste of the juice is going to be.

If you do not like the real taste then probably you are not a juice lover. Felling and tasting the real taste is far better than the mixed-up one.

Mixing of milk in the orange juice.

It is just possible to mix anything you want for the taste. Anything doesn’t stand for each and everything, it’s just said like that.

You can mix milk in orange juice. And this activity has been done for a very long time. You are not the only one doing or thinking that I am with you too.

The important thing to note is the digestion process. When you mix both the orange juice though acidic but digests quickly whereas milk takes time as it has high protein.

This might also get curdles in your stomach. However, just drinking milk also does that so you do not have to worry much.

People who feel sick after mixing juice and milk might be happening just because of the digestion that took long to take place and nothing else.


The proper way to mix milk with orange juice

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You might be to markets or places where there are juice shops and also might have seen orange Julius because I have many times.

Mixing orange juice is a very easy task. Let’s see what you need to do.

  • Take 4 cups of evaporated milk
  • ¾ cups of sugar
  • 1 tablespoon clear vanilla extract.
  • 2 cups of ice cubes
  • 21/2 cups of fresh orange juice.

Benefits of orange juice.

Orange juice is just not for enjoyment purposes. It provides you with a lot of health benefits. It can be used to increase your immunity and energy.

Rich with important nutrients.

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Orange juice has many nutrients along with vitamin C, folate, and potassium.

A serving of 8 ounces which can be approximately 240 ml can provide you with

  • Calories (110)
  • Protein (2 grams)
  • Carbs (26 grams)
  • Vitamin C (67% of daily intake)
  • Magnesium (6% of RDI)
  • Folate (15 % of RDI)
  • Potassium (10 % of RDI)

Vitamin C is a very soluble vitamin for the body and orange juice is a very good source for vitamin C.

It helps in bone formation, wound healing, and gum buildup.

Folate is needed for DNA synthesis in the body.

High with antioxidants

Oxidative damage that is an unbalance between antioxidants and unstable molecules is prevented by antioxidants.

Antioxidants also help in promoting overall health. Orange juice is a very good source for boosting antioxidants in our body and improving our overall health and maintaining a balance between oxidants and unstable molecules.

Orange juice is also considered one of the top sources of antioxidants according to the research of over 4000 adults.

It also helps to prevent kidney stones.

We all are well aware of kidney stones; they are small mineral deposits that get accumulated in your kidney which causes unbearable pain and blood in your urine.

Orange juice can increase the pH level of urine in the kidneys which makes it more alkaline. Having more alkaline urine can prevent stones or may help to prevent kidney stones. A kidney stone can be a severe problem and such kind of pain can be eased by drinking orange juice.

Prevents heart problems

Heart disease is one of the most serious problems as the heart is the most vital organ in our body which pumps blood to the body. 17 million deaths take place every year due to heart problems.

Research shows that orange juice helps in aiding heart problems and reduces several risks for the heart such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol.

Orange juice also helps in increasing good cholesterol in our bodies.

For making orange juice you’ll always need one good juicer at your place which will make it easier for you to grind your juice. Below mentioned are some of the best products in the market.


Orange juice comes with freshness and many other benefits which might be very helpful for your health.

In this article, we took a look at the methods of preparing orange juice. We also saw the different types of oranges with the best way to mix orange juice with milk. We also saw the nutrients we can get from it.

It’s very easy and takes minimal time to prepare an orange juice at your home and also offer it to the surprise guest visiting you anytime.

In short, we learned how to make orange juice using a juicer.