Can You Microwave Styrofoam, And Should You? – 2022 Guide

Microwave Styrofoam

Microwaves have been used for a long time and they are amazing to use in kitchen work like warming food.

They make cooking and warming much easier than it was in the past.

Yet, due to fitness concerns, you may be thinking about which type of microwave crates are the best when it comes to microwaving and cooking your fluids and food.

This article informs you about the usage of microwave styrofoam and whether it is safe and the safety tips that you need to follow.

What Is Styrofoam?

The Dow Chemical Company was the one who trademarked the term Styrofoam. Styrofoam is a kind of polystyrene spray which is normally used in the construction business.

Styrofoam was formed as an adaptable electrical insulator in the Second world war period.

It has also found many appliances one of which is disposable pull-out microwave containers, dishes, and coffee cups. Polystyrene is a kind of plastic and they normally tend to expel harmful chemicals when they are warmed.

This is one of the greatest reasons why people are suspicious about Styrofoam and possibly this is one of the reasons you are reading this article.

The chemicals that are released from Styrofoam and other plastics that are heated up to very high temperatures will not result in any instantly visible side effects but the skepticism is regarding the long period risks that it contains.

A ton of information and misinformation has been put up on the internet regarding this topic.

If you just do a simple Google search and you will get a bunch of findings under “Can you microwave Styrofoam”.

From a fitness viewpoint, they consist of a solvent called styrene, which has brought up some suspicion, as it has been related to cancers in animal and human surveys.

Can You Microwave Styrofoam?

There are some questions about microwaving polystyrene foam crates.

One important reason is that they include a solvent called styrene, which studies of humans and animals have related to cancer.

When foods and juices are microwaved in containers made up of styrofoam or plastic, substances used in constructing may flow into the food. This particularly applies to fatty foods such as meats and cheeses.

It is worth pointing out that cold drinks and food prepared in Styrofoam crates are not as harmful as hot food. The heat is what results in the leaching of chemicals into your food.

Though it is significant to note that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) operates plastic and polystyrene crates, cups, and plates and tests their security and use in microwave ovens.

The polystyrene or plastic products that have the microwave cautious tag have been examined for protection in the microwave.

On the other hand, prevent microwaving food in polystyrene crates that are not tagged as microwave protected as their safety is not definite. These protections are not particular to microwaves and also refer to different heating methods.

How To Safely Heat Food?

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If you are worried about heating food in a styrofoam container, here are few tips to assist you microwave food safely:

Use a microwave cautious container

If you are using a styrofoam container, inspect to observe if it has a microwave cautious tag.

Transfer food to ceramic or glass before microwaving

Alternatively, switch the food into a ceramic, glass, or pyrex container before warming.

Use the stove or an oven

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Another way to prevent any possible harm is to transfer the food into another utensil or pot or pan to heat on the stovetop, or into a cooking tray to cook in the oven.

Scan for cuts or cracks

Styrofoam and plastic containers that are low or have cuts or cracks must be eliminated as they may leach potentially dangerous chemicals.

Drain the container before heating it

This avoids pressure from creating, resulting in the food inside the container erupting.

Carefully remove the container

Use mittens or gloves to discard the container after warming to prevent hurting your hands.


It is always best to check on the side of precautions rather than to change your health. If you want to microwave Styrofoam, always ensure that it is the kind that is microwave cautious and not the general kind.