Nutribullet Prime vs Nutribullet Pro 900: Which Blender is Better?

blenders nutribullet prime vs pro 900

I am fond of smoothies, juices whether they are made up of vegetables or fruits, I love them equally.

Are you fond of them?

If yes, then be ready as I am going to compare two of the best versatile blenders from Nutribullet i.e. Nutribullet Prime and Nutribullet Pro.

Trust me when I say that it is going to be a difficult task choosing one between them as they both work amazingly. Take your nourishment extraction to the next level with the exactness and adaptability of the NutriBullet. NutriBullet is an organization that makes juicers, mixers, and also blenders.

The most renowned products of NutriBullet are its blenders. Everybody is gushing about this sustenance extractor these days, and there are explanations for it. It is considerably more than simply a blender — the NutriBullet breaks down the fruits and veggies to get the greatest nourishment from the food.

Nutribullet Prime

The Nutribullet Prime is ideal for making individual smoothies as it offers decent force and cup size. It functions admirably on the off chance that you utilize the correct measure of liquid and don’t stuff it with fixings. It utilizes Nutribullet’s basic on/off contort plan and includes a straightforward 60 second auto-off planned component for individuals who need to have the option to simply ‘leave’ it. The resistant and stainless steel to-go cup is a pleasant accessory. The cups are top-rack dishwasher safe through different components of the blender should be washed by hand cautiously in lukewarm water.

It has a ground-breaking engine with 1000 watts of intensity and an auto-cycle. The engine and blades are more than sufficient to transform hard or gristly veggies into smooth and even smoothies or purees. It accompanies some cool embellishments as well, including a protected treated steel cup so you can keep your smoothies cold until you need them. It additionally has a 32 oz monster cup and flip-top covers for taking your manifestations in a go. Nutribullet prime is excellent at making protein shakes. If fittingly kept up, your Nutribullet will remain the heart and solid for quite a while.


  • Good at making the individual alter smoothies.
  • Auto shut-off element.
  • Lovely cups, vessel hold, and top flip covers.
  • Calm activity.
  • Tempered steel protected cup


  • Some clients grumble that the blender has a consuming smell issue when utilized for quite a while.
  • cups are really enormous and very little convenient.
  • For some people, the 60-seconds-auto-cycle system is unnecessary.

Nutribullet Pro

This is one of the first NutriBullets and has been decided for smoothies, green beverages, and shakes. It doesn’t have different rates or settings, as the mixing cycle is enacted by pushing down on the cup as it sits in the force base. This gives you command over the length of the mixing and permits you to beat. Nutribullet Pro mixes ice and solidified fixings, with no chunks or lumps remaining. This contrasts from more customary blenders which for the most part have an on/off catch, different velocities, and a couple of various settings.

The Nutribullet Pro offers bigger limit cups than the first, with the biggest being 32 oz. It is for the individuals who look for a functioning sound way of life. This blender offers great nourishment extraction. It has a 900-watt engine. The limit of NutriBullet Pro is about 0.7 litres, and it weighs 2.6 kg. It accompanies two tempered steel Extractor sharp edges which can cleave, granulate, shred and mix products of the soil to make a flavorful and sound smoothie. The mixing consistency of NutriBullet Pro is awesome as it makes exceptionally less air circulation.

The NutriBullet Pro has exceptionally solid edges which are sufficient to granulate seeds, stem, and coffee beans. It has 15 accessories all together alongside two sharp edges and 4 cups. The edges are comprised of tempered steel. The edges are cross and level. One edge is utilized for mixing, and another is utilized for pounding. The cups are made of non-harmful, high effect plastic that can oppose breaking. The movement cup with “taste and seal” cover is best for hefting the beverages around. The parts for the Nutribullet master are dishwasher safe.


  • Easy cleaning
  • Helps with healthy and nourished eating
  • Blends frozen foods
  • Powerful motor
  • Dishwasher safe


  • A bit loud
  • Sometimes leaks

Nutribullet blenders are pocket friendly. If you are fond of smoothies with all the nutrients and nourishments then you can go with them. Nutribullet blenders occupy less space and are very compact in nature. If would recommend you to buy Nutribullet as they work amazingly.