Can You Put LED Bulb in the Oven? – 2022 Guide

LED Bulb in the Oven

Ovens are extremely useful kitchen appliances and they make our work simpler and quicker but along with this, we have to take some precautions while using it. Having proper lights inside your kitchen is very important as it prevents unnecessary accidents.

Ovens do not have much light in them and using an oven in darkness may spoil your meal. So there are chances you might have asked yourself that can an LED bulb be used inside the oven? The one-word answer to this is no.

This is generally because most LED bulbs are made of materials like plastic and these types of materials are prone to melt when exposed to extreme heat or high temperatures.

An oven is an appliance that performs the main task of making food warm so it produces a lot of heat and this heat can easily burn out the LED bulbs. if you have the smell of plastic then you can consider trying it.

It is certainly impossible that you can see the light of led bulbs for much longer. But on the positive end, some high-quality LED bulbs can withstand oven heat but yes they are expensive. The fact is such that a led bulb can age faster when it is continuously exposed to heat. This heat that is being produced in the oven will lead to the migration of the silicon and get blurred.

If this starts happening then consider that your led bulb is about to die. This is why it is said that one should not put LED bulbs inside an oven.

How much time does an LED bulb last inside an oven?

An oven is a very major and important part of any kitchen as it carries out a lot of tasks of cooking, baking, and many more. And carrying out these tasks simply means they create a lot of heat.

LED bulbs are made of plastic materials and it is not a very good idea to put led bulbs inside an oven as it will melt and the bulb will last for a very short period and blow out.

This will start happening even before your oven starts heating. This will release plastic smells and fumes out from the oven.

Bulbs ages faster when you expose it to heat or high temperature continuously and talking about LED bulbs they last for a short period when exposed to heat.

The heat that is produced inside the oven makes the two silicon inside the LED bulb migrate and get burnt. If you wish that the bulb shall last longer then I would recommend you place it outside the oven. This will cause you to shine the light through the tiny port inside of the oven so that you can watch clearly while cooking.

If you place an LED bulb inside and when the fumes are produced they will ruin your food smell and also reduce the efficiency of the oven.

Using LED bulbs inside an oven, Safe or dangerous?

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An oven is such an appliance that generates a lot of heat while cooking or baking as these processes require heating. Ovens have heating elements.

If you use or place a LED bulb inside the oven it may melt out and die as an LED bulb has a tendency to last longer if they are used in normal or cold temperatures. When they are exposed to heat their lifespan reduces. So it is highly recommended to Never use an LED bulb inside an oven. The shattering of the bulb may also cause an explosion and this will also affect the efficiency of your oven and ruin your food as well.

These fumes released can also create health problems as they can irritate your eyes and also cause stomach aches to some people.

If you are thinking that you can use a LED bulb inside an oven then you might be very wrong and it is not a good option to be considered instead I would highly recommend you to use an incandescent lamp inside your oven as they save energy and are capable of defending and withstanding heat.


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LED bulbs are one of the best types of bulbs and are also very useful. They are the brightest bulbs but the fact is they should never be used inside an oven while cooking as they might melt when exposed to heat and blow out.

The fumes and smells are contagious and can also cause health problems. They contain chemicals that can even poison your oven which simply means that the food that you will prepare in the oven may not be good for your health.