How Much Does Refrigerator Weigh? – 2022 Guide

How Much Does Refrigerator Weigh

Refrigerators are the most used appliances inside the kitchen which implies their importance inside any kitchen. Refrigerators are available in the market in a variety of models and sizes and different brands offer different features.

This makes it pretty difficult to calculate the average weight of the refrigerator. However, knowing the average weight of a refrigerator will be useful in many cases. They are the heaviest kitchen appliances and if you want to move them to a new place you should know the weight of your refrigerator and even while exchanging an old one or buying a new one.

On average a refrigerator weighs between 200 to 400 pounds. This depends upon the type of refrigerator. The new modern refrigerator tends to weigh around 220 pounds whereas the most commonly used weighs from 250 to 350 lbs.

There are various models available in different sizes which means the weight of each size and model can be different from others.

If you are thinking of buying a new refrigerator then thinking about its weight will be an important factor to be considered as this will determine the portability of the appliance. Nowadays technology has helped us a lot to decrease the weight of appliances so there are refrigerators that are designed, lightweight. The refrigerators that are small in size with 10 cubic feet height may weigh around 110 pounds whereas the ones with 20 to 25 cubic feet weigh around 250 pounds.

Why makes a Refrigerator heavy?

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The weight of the refrigerator depends upon several factors. It is determined by various factors that affect the general weight of a refrigerator. Let’s quickly look at some of the factors that determine the weight of the refrigerator.

Model of the Refrigerator

The model of the fridge is a very important thing as you can notice that there are several brands available in the market that offer different fridges with varying sizes and weights.

Models like french doors or door-in-door fridges are larger and tend to be heavier than the other models that are available in the market.

Size of the Refrigerator

The size of the refrigerator is directly proportional to its weight. Refrigerators with a height of 10 cubic feet weigh less than those which have a height of 25 cubic feet.

While making a purchase decision regarding the weight of the fridge then the size is also an important thing to be considered. The height of the fridge tells us as a tall fridge means more accessories and space than the smaller one which also means more weight.

The year of manufacture

The time when the fridge was manufactured decides the weight of the fridge. This is an important thing that tells us about the weight of the refrigerator and helps us to make the decision.

The old and traditional fridges are occupied with a propulsion tank along with heavy electrical items. This increases the weight of the fridge. They usually weigh up to 250 pounds and more whereas the new generation modern refrigerator has removable features that are made using lightweight materials. This makes the fridge lightweight.


The features that a refrigerator has also added up to its weight. A refrigerator with a lot of extra features can weigh heavier than usual fridges. These features have different materials that are added to the weight.

Getting extra features can be amusing but this might also increase the weight.

Things to consider while buying a Refrigerator

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Looking at the different varieties and models available in the market it becomes a daunting experience to choose the right fridge for you. This buying guide will help you to assist with your decision.

According to, you will need to purchase a special fridge or freezer to ensure it can withstand the temperature fluctuations of a garage year round.


A buying guide is incomplete without mentioning the price. Price always plays a crucial role while making a purchase decision. While buying a fridge always make sure that the price of the fridge matches its performance and capabilities and whether the value of money is provided.


The size will be important as buying a large fridge can be very amusing but taking care of it will become difficult later and also the larger the size the heavier the product. The size will depend on the number of people that are going to use that fridge.

The size is determined in liters so decide by thinking about your family size.

Door style

There are different models with different door styles like french door, a door in door, double door, single door, side by side, etc. decide which will best suit your needs and status.


A refrigerator is probably the largest appliance inside your kitchen so it must be beautiful and attractive. The appearance of the fridge matters. Choose a fridge with a clean look.

Refrigerators are designed using stainless steel which gives it a fine look. Nowadays fridges are designed with black stainless steel. A refrigerator should be a beautiful addition to your kitchen so carefully determine the design.


Always look for features while buying a refrigerator. Make sure that you do not go for extra features that won’t be of any use as this will only increase the weight and price. Look for the features that you need.


There are several models available around the market that differ in size and weight. The weight depends on the size as the mini-fridge weighs between 40 to 80 lbs while a normal one might weigh between 200-300 ponds while the biggest one can go up to 400 pounds.

The height size and features are the most important factors adding up to the weight.