10 Best Traeger Pellet Grill/Smoker Accessories 2022 – Top Picks

If you cook quite often on your Traeger pellet grill, then you must have encountered situations when you needed an accessory but could not find one that went with your Trager pellet grill. What you need in such circumstances are the best Traeger pellet grill accessories that will hook on to your pellet grill easily.

As easy as it seems, finding the best Traeger accessories is not an easy task. It requires thorough research of the market, which is a time-consuming job. To save you from all of that, I am sharing the best Traeger pellet grill accessories 2022 in this article.

Best Traeger Pellet Grill Accessories 2022

1. Traeger Grills BAC273 Grill Basket

Traeger Grills BAC273 Grill Basket

No grilling dish is complete without a side of some grilled vegetables as the grilled vegetables bring a balance to the entire meal. However, you can not slice the vegetables and put them on the grate. Not only will they fall out, but due to direct heat, the flavor will also be ruined. What comes to the rescue in this dire situation is the Traeger Grills BAC273 Grill Basket.

This grill basket by Traeger is perfect for cooking vegetables and other small items on the Traeger grill. Unlike other models of grill baskets, this Traeger accessory fits the grill perfectly. This grill basket comes with many small perks that make usage easier, which is why it has been nominated as one of the best Traeger Pellet Grill Accessories 2022.

Moreover, it is manufactured with high-quality stainless steel. The stainless steel construction brings durability to the design. It also makes sure that the heat is spread through the basket evenly. Moreover, the edges of this basket are slightly raised, which keeps your food safely tucked inside. Furthermore, the small holes in the design make sure that your food gets proper heat.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Raised edges
  • Durable design
  • Low price
  • Time-consuming cleaning process


This Traeger accessory is a must-have for anyone who likes cooking small pieces of meat or vegetables on their Traeger grills. The Traeger Grills BAC273 Grill Basket comes with durable construction of stainless steel and raised edges which will keep your food safe.

2. Traeger Grills BAC370 Bucket Lid Filter Kit

Traeger Grills BAC370 Bucket Lid Filter Kit

If you are fond of using your Trager pellet grill, then you will most probably not want to see all the pellets get damp or dusty. The best way to prevent this atrocity from happening is to get a lid to keep all of your pellets dry. And what’s better than Trager’s own creation, the Traeger Grills BAC370 Bucket Lid Filter Kit.

First of all, this package contains not just a lid but also a filter kit. The bucket lid has been manufactured with high-quality plastic and the filter kit from metal. The construction makes this deal worth the investment. The metal construction makes it durable and sturdy enough to last a long time.

In addition to that, there is an opening in the bucket lid so that you can easily pour the pellet into the grill without removing the entire lid. This weather-resistant and air-tight lid will keep all of your pellets dry and safe from dust. The addition of the filter in the package sees to it that when you pour the pellets into the hopper of your Traeger grill, they are clean.

  • Plastic lid
  • Metal filter
  • Weather-resistant design
  • Air-tight
  • The lid comes in one size


If you are tired of opening the bag of your pellets only to find them damp and unideal for usage, then you need to get the Traeger Grills BAC370 Bucket Lid Filter Kit. The air-tight lid will keep the pellets dry, and the filter will make sure that you only pour clean pellets into the hopper of your Traeger grill.

3. Traeger BAC523 Pellet Sensor

Traeger BAC523 Pellet Sensor

My least favorite part of using the Trager pellet grill is when I make all the preparation, but the moment I try to ignite the flame, the low quantity of pellets in the hopper does not let me. This happened quite a number of times, which is when I stumbled upon the Traeger BAC523 Pellet Sensor.

This pellet sensor is your best friend; if you always forget to restock the hopper of your Trager grill. You can mount this sensor directly into the hopper of your Trager pellet grill or smoker. There is an LED light on the sensor, which illuminates the hopper and gives you a clear vision of the number of pellets.

It has a very small design, and for the machine to operate flawlessly, all you need to do is connect it to your phone. Once connected, this nifty piece of the machine will send a notification to your phone every time the hopper will be running low on pellets. With this model on your pellet grill, you will be able to keep an eye on your hopper from anywhere.

  • Simple installation
  • Works from anywhere
  • Notifies when pellets are low
  • Comes at an expensive cost


Once you invest your money in the Traeger BAC523 Pellet Sensor, you will not need to lurk around the pellet grill to keep an eye on the pellets. Simply mount it on the hopper, connect it to your phone through the app and track the pellet quantity from anywhere.

4. Traeger Grills BAC503 Full Length Grill Cover

Traeger Grills BAC503 Full Length Grill Cover

Every grill lover knows the pain of their beloved grill getting damaged from the weather conditions. To ensure that your grill does not have to endure any dust or debris, Traeger has introduced the Traeger Grills BAC503 Full-Length Grill Cover.

This full-length cover is hands down one of the best Traeger pellet smoker accessories 2022. The best feature of this grill cover that I loved is that it is breathable as well as resistant to weather. The perk of breathability will make sure that your grill stays clear from mold.

In addition to that, weather resistance will provide further protection to the grill. Along with weather resistance, this model is also resistant to water, snow, and UV rays, which means extra protection for your precious Traeger grill. Another great perk is that the manufacturers have made the design of this cover form-fitted. This means it will not hang loosely around the grill but will hug the form of the grill from all sides.

  • Form-fitted design
  • Weather-resistant
  • Water and UV-rays resistant
  • Breathable
  • Hefty cost


Investing your money in the Traeger Grills BAC503 Full Length Grill Cover will get you a product that will keep your grill safe. The weather-resistant and water-resistant design of this model will make sure that your grill stays safe from water and other weather conditions. Moreover, the perk of breathability makes sure that your Trager grill stays safe from molding.

5. Traeger Pellet Grills BAC362 Folding Shelf

Traeger Pellet Grills BAC362 Folding Shelf

What every chef needs while using a grill is a spot to put all the utensils on. Traeger has provided a solution for that by manufacturing a high-grade folding shelf. The addition of a folding shelf to your Traeger grill will provide you with a space to put your utensils and other cooking items on.

The Traeger Pellet Grill BAC362 Folding Shelf is 25 inches long and 12 inches wide, which gives you an ample amount of space. Moreover, this shelf has been manufactured with heavy-duty steel, which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. This folding shelf is compatible with the Trager grills that come from Traeger Pro 22, 575, and 650 Series.

In addition to that, the steel construction also makes sure that the shelf lasts a long time. This shelf gets latched at the front of the grill. Furthermore, the best feature of this model is that it has a folding design. So, if you are not using the shelf, then you can easily fold it. So, it will not come in your way and hinder your job.

  • Folding design
  • Steel construction
  • Easy installation
  • Expensive cost


Investing your money in this folding shelf will get you one of the best Traeger pellet grill accessories 2022. This folding shelf is manufactured with steel, which makes it highly durable and long-lasting. Moreover, it has a folding design, so you can easily tuck it downwards when not needed.

Buying Guide

img source: valuhomecenters.com

If you love cooking your food on your Traeger pellet grill and smoker, then you must have experienced scenarios where there is no place to put the utensils down. In addition to that, keeping the pellet grill is also a number one priority. Therefore, you need to spend your money on some Traeger accessories to enjoy easy cooking and keep your pellet grill safe. I am sharing a few factors that you should keep in mind when you go out to shop for Trager accessories. These factors will help you filter out the best accessories for your pellet grill.

Construction Of The Traeger Accessory

No matter which Traeger accessory you choose to spend your money on, the first thing that you need to check-in it is the construction. If the Traeger accessory does not come with high-quality construction, then it is not worth your money. High-quality construction is essential as it makes sure that the product is durable and sticks around for a longer period of time. The construction depends on product to product. If you are getting a folding shelf, then steel or metal are the best materials. However, for a bucket lid, high-quality plastic is the best.

Compatibility With Your Model

Another factor that you need to check before buying a Traeger accessory is whether that accessory is compatible with your model of Traeger pellet grill or not. Every Traeger accessory is not compatible with every model of Trager pellet grill and smoker. So, you need to make sure that you only spend your money on the ones that are compatible with your pellet grill.

Usage Of The Traeger Accessory

Many people get carried away while shopping for the best Traeger pellet grill accessories. They buy products that they do not need. Therefore, when you go out shopping for accessories for your Traeger pellet grill, an important thing that you need to keep in mind is whether you need that accessory or not. If you do not need it and you do not see yourself using it in the future, then you should not spend your money on it.


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Can I leave my Traeger on overnight?

No, leaving a Traeger pellet grill or smoker overnight is not a wise move, nor is it recommended. It is not ideal because it is not advised to leave your pellet grill unattended for longer than 2 to 3 hours. Leaving it overnight may cause the grill to run out of pellets, and your food will just go bad.

How often do you clean a Traeger?

If you do not want to part ways with your Traeger pellet grill and smoker, then you should clean the grates after every use. Make sure to remove the remnants of the food. However, you can deep clean it after 2 to 3 uses; you do not need to deep clean it after every use.


If you need the best accessories to go with your Traeger pellet grill, then you should give a thorough read to this article. I have shared the best accessories that go with Traeger pellet grills and smokers in this article. I am also sharing my top 3 recommendations.

Traeger Grills BAC273 Grill Basket comes with stainless steel construction and raised edges that keep the food inside the tray. Traeger Grills BAC370 Bucket Lid Filter Kit is made from high-quality material and has an air-tight design to keep pellets safe and dry. Traeger BAC523 Pellet Sensor has a simple installation process and lets you keep an eye on the number of pellets in the hopper.