Substitutes You Can Use For Food Processors

substitutes for food processors

Substitutes you can use for food processors

Food processors are one of the most useful appliances in a kitchen. Everyone loves to have fresh and healthy homemade dishes as they fill our taste buds with joy along with proper nutrition for us.

A food processor is capable of handling food that is harder in texture that too better than a blender. They help in chopping, blending, slicing, and many other things, and if you do not have a food processor, don’t worry you still can enjoy a dough, flour, mincemeat, mayo, sauces, and many more with the use of alternative appliances and techniques.

Today we are going to learn a few appliances and techniques that you can use instead of a food processor as a substitute.


If a food processor can be a substitute to a blender then why not use a blender in case you do not have a food processor. You do not know what your blender can do.

Your blender is not only capable of making shakes and smoothies, but it can also be used to prepare meals. If you are thinking of preparing fine minced or soft food just run it on pulse option, in the case where you want a puree, you can run it on low or medium.

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A mixer is another cool option to use as an alternative for a food processor. If you want to get maximum results with just minimum efforts then a mixer is the best thing for you. They come in a large variety with many features.

A mixer is very helpful to mix liquids and solids such as dips and creams. You can use a hook attachment to make dough for bread, pies, and cookies.

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Coffee Grinder

People who are fond of coffee might have a coffee grinder at home. Your coffee grinder is just not limited to making coffee for you it has got a lot more to it. You can use your coffee grinder to chop nuts and spices.

A coffee grinder can be used as a substitute and can rescue a lot of tasks in the absence of a food processor. Before using a coffee grinder make sure you clean it well otherwise you might get the coffee smell in your meal.

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Food mill

Food mills are traditional tolls but they are also very useful and perform a lot of things like mashing, pureeing, grinding, and straining soft foods.

You can use a food mill to prepare cauliflower rice and it also stands good in making creamy mashed potatoes. This appliance consists of a grinding plate that is connected to a crank that can be manual or electric.

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A grater can be very useful and if you have got one then you can use it instead of a food processor to shred vegetables like carrots, zucchini, or raw potatoes. Everything that you need to do is slide the food top to bottom over the holes.

By using a grater you may not get the same results as a food processor but it will break down vegetables for you into smaller and lighter pieces.

You can make salads, coleslaw, and many other things but just be careful while using them and do not hurt yourself.

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Cook until soft

Before when there were no such appliances as food processors or blenders people used to boil the food using water until it got soft and mushy and then mashed them by using a fork or potato masher.

It is perfect for making sauces, jams, and soups.

Chef’s knife

Everyone commonly uses a food processor for chopping or mincing food finely. But do you need a food processor for that? You can also use a Chef’s knife that is capable of performing the same function for you.

A chef’s knife can easily be used to chop and mince food for you. Using a knife is the least complicated thing. All that is necessary is to be careful while doing so. A knife is a sharp object and if you do not pay attention you might also harm yourself.

It cannot be used for everything that a food processor does. But it can be used to cut fruits, vegetables, and meats in fine shape.

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Rolling pin

This is one better alternative for a food processor as it doesn’t require many efforts and you can also get good results. if you are thinking of breaking hard or solid foods into smaller pieces then this is the best alternative.

All you need to do is put the food into a plastic bag on a solid surface like a cutting board and glide the rolling pin back and forth over it.

If you want some fine pieces then you can use the side of the rolling piece and break them into fine small pieces. You can use it to break down cookies and biscuits and use them as desserts toppings.

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Mortar and pestle

Mortar and pestle are still used in Asian countries and it is a very important part of their culture. This method has been used for centuries to crush spices by them.

If everything which is mentioned above is not available to use then you can make use of a mortar or pestle to grind food items. This can take a lot of time and effort but in the end, this can be one solution if you do not have a food processor.

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A food processor is a very important appliance undoubtedly but if you do not have one you can still get the work done by using the adobe mentioned methods and appliances.

Today we learned everything a food processor does and if you do not have a food processor then what appliances can be a great substitute to carry out the tasks that a food processor does. I hope you found this article useful and now you will be able to make tasty meals with these techniques.