Traeger vs. Oklahoma Joe 2022- Pellet Grill Comparison

Pellet Grill Comparison

Traeger is a well-established and recognized manufacturing brand with high-end competitors in the market such as Camp Chef, REC TECM, and Cuisinart. Although these two brands haven’t been competing against each other, some of their pellet grill lines are compared with each other. This is largely because Oklahoma Joe has been making grills that operate on charcoal or propane.

Additionally, Traeger, being an old and well-reputed brand, has a large collection for the economy and high-end grills for different budgets. Hence, it is a little bit difficult to compare such products designed with distinct strengths. Here, I have done Traeger vs. Oklahoma Joe’s 2022 pellet grill comparison based on grilling space, design, heating efficiency, and temperature. So, you will have an idea about their strengths and weaknesses.

Oklahoma Joe Rider 900 vs. Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill

Construction and Design

To start with, the Rider 900 is a reasonable pellet grill. The grill itself is designed with heavy stainless steel, so you will not have any issues regarding corrosion or rust. It is also quite large in the sense that you can accommodate small family gatherings easily. In contrast, the only downside because of the price is that it can be a little heavier than usual. Yet, this grill comes with large wagon wheels with rubber handles that help you with portability. However, there is no lifting lid included in the package.

When it comes to Traeger Pro 34, you will be amazed to find its lightweight yet highly sturdy construction. This one is made up of high-end steel with powder-coating that protects your pellet grill from harsh and extreme weather. Therefore, you can ideally use this one outside. The design further integrates a lifting lid and a dual meat probe, making it even more convenient and easy. Speaking of portability, this one is equipped with built-in all-terrain wheels (with a locking system) that helps you in making it travel-friendly.

Grilling Area

Oklahoma Joe Rider 900

When it comes to Oklahoma Rider 900, you are getting a large grilling space of 900 square inches. It has a 578 square per inch cooking space that can easily accommodate small family and friends gatherings. The fact that it is made up of porcelain-coated cast-iron makes it of great value as it not only enhances the taste but helps you with cleaning and longevity. Additionally, the other 328 square inches has been used for racks that provide you with additional storage to do side dishes easily.

Talking about the Traeger Pro 34, you will find no major difference in grilling space or even construction. It is also equipped with a similar 844 square inches space that can support quite some food. It further incorporates seven racks for ribs, so you are getting additional space that can help you in saving time efficiently. It is also made up of cast iron, with a long-serving life. Yet, another feature that gives it an edge over the Rider 900 is its versatility to be used for smoking, baking, roasting, BBQ, and much more.

Temperature Settings/ Heating Efficiency

Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 Pellet Grill

Another most important thing while evaluating the efficiency of the pellet grills is their heating efficiency and temperature settings. The Rider 900 grill comes with two different modes, one is time mode, and the other one is temperature mode. So, with this feature, you can easily adjust the desired time and temperature so that your food is cooked just the way you like. It further helps you with convenient and easy cooking without compromising the taste and flavor of your dishes.

For Traeger, this one comes with digital temperature control with no time mode. Hence, clearly, the Rider has an edge. However, it is worth mentioning that the control panel is easy and convenient and offers users different temperature adjustments, so you can set the desired heat for your dish to cook. In addition, the heat efficiency is absolutely phenomenal with this palette grill as it has advanced grilling logic that keeps the temperature +/- 15 degrees, so you will have enhanced flavor and precise grilling.

Fuel and Maintenance

Here, the fact that both the pellet grills from Traeger and Oklahoma work with natural hardwood pellets without any demand for propane or gas makes it completely convenient and efficient. Similarly, speaking of the Rider 900, this one comes with two smoke steaks that allow airflow and ventilation and keep the interior somewhat clean. It is further equipped with an ash cup that makes it easy to clean and maintain by using some soap and a sponge after each use.

When it comes to Trigger, the grill is constructed with porcelain-coating that is non-stick, so you won’t have any problem with the cleaning and maintenance. Hence, after every two weeks or each use, you can clean it up with a damp cloth or sponge. It also comes with a collection tray that collects all the grease and oil which you can throw in the basket. All in all, both the grills are easy to clean and maintain.

Features of Oklahoma Joe Rider 900

  • Large grilling space of 900 square per inches
  • Heavy stainless steel body
  • Lage pellet hopper capacity of 20 pounds
  • Dual smoke steak function with consistent temperature and smooth airflow (efficient ventilation)
  • Flex racks for additional storage
  • Includes time mode and temperature control
  • Features of Traeger Pro Series 34
  • Large pellet hopper capacity of 18 pounds
  • Two meat probe functions included
  • Porcelain-coated non-stick grill construction
  • Solid steel construction with portable design
  • Large working space of 884 square inches with additional racks
  • Precise grilling logic function

Now, we already know that the Traeger pellet grill is a complete package of portability, functionality, and efficiency similar to its counterpart. Although Oklahoma might feel a bit heavier, the working space and temperature adjustments have done clear justice to the price. While one is more convenient, the other one is designed for versatility and precise grilling. So, based on your budget and demands, you can choose the one that is right for you.

Traeger Pro 575 vs. Oklahoma Joe Rider DLX

Grilling Space

Speaking of the Traeger 575, it clearly gives you 575 square inches of square cooking that is perfectly equipped to provide you with easy and convenient grilling. Here, the main grilling area is 418 square inches with a porcelain-coated surface that is less prone to grease and corrosion. The remaining 154 square inches are allocated to additional racks. All in all, you can use this for small family or friends gatherings.

The Oklahoma Joe Rider has a large cooking area of 1200 square inches that clearly outdone its competitors. It has a 578 square inches grilling area, with the remaining 646 inches for two racks. Hence, the process becomes efficient, convenient, and less time-consuming. Also, it is non-stick and porcelain-coated, so you won’t have any problem with cleaning and maintenance. In this regard, if you are someone who frequently organizes bbq functions, this option is best suited for you.

Temperature Controls and Heat Efficiency

Traeger Pro 575

Another feature that gives the Traeger profile 575 an edge over its competitor is its D2 drive system and easy digital control panel. Hence, with this feature, you can easily set the temperature and time as per your desire and demands. The wifi function included in the package makes it even more easy and convenient to use. So, this grill allows you to monitor the cooking process from your smartphone. Likewise, the pallet sensor included in the device offers great heat and energy efficiency.

Here the Joe Rider DLX has some compromised features when it is compared to the Pro 575. However, when observed in isolation, it is also a great investment as it comes with a sear mode that allows you to use the grill for smoking, bbq, roast, and much more. It also has a digital display that is easily understandable and allows you to conveniently adjust the temperature as per your needs. All in all, the temperature ranges from 500 to 650 degrees.

Construction and Design

Oklahoma Joe Rider DLX

To start with, the Rider Pro DLX has heavy gauge steel construction that makes it absolutely durable and long-lasting. Another fact that the grill is made up of porcelain-coated cast iron grade makes it even more convenient to clean and maintain. All in all, it has a tall chamber that allows you to easily adjust the upper racks. However, it has no wheels and might feel a little bit heavy. Similarly, it uses natural hardwood for fuel, so you don’t have to invest in expensive alternatives such as gas and propane.

When it comes to the Traeger grill, the first thing you will notice is its built-in rolling wheels that provide you with convenience and portability. Also, the design is made up of stainless steel that provides you with great durability and longevity. It also comes with a lid that saves your grill from harsh and extreme weather. All in all, it also uses natural hardwood fuel, so you don’t have to invest in gas or propane.

Features of Traeger Pro 575

  • 6-in-1 versatile grilling space for a variety of functions
  • It integrates porcelain-coated non-stick cast-iron grilling space
  • Includes a 575 square large grilling space (with additional racks)
  • It comes with a D2 drive system and wifi feature (also integrates Alexa voice control)
  • It uses natural hardwood for fuel
  • Features of Oklahoma Joe Rider DLX
  • Large 1200 square inches grilling space (with additional racks)
  • Heavy-gauge stainless steel construction with porcelain-coated grilling space
  • It includes time mode and temperature adjustments function
  • The grill comes with a sear mode with temperatures ranging between 500 and 650 degrees Fahrenheit
  • It integrates a flex rack system and tall-body chamber
  • It uses natural hardwood for fuel

Which One to Go For?

Now, if you’re looking for a large working space and a highly durable alternative to place in your backyard, the Rider Pro DLX would be a great choice for you. In contrast, if you are in search of efficiency, convenience, and functionality, not to mention portability, Traeger is the one you should go for. All and all, it largely depends on your needs and budget limitations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Oklahoma Joe’s grills good?

Yes, Oklahoma Joe’s grills are quite efficient and reasonably priced. It has been in the market since the 1980s and has come up with some of the best functional designs. Here, models from its Rider Series such as XLD and 900 are worth appreciation as they are being compared to some of the high-end brands such as Traeger.

What is the highest rated pellet grill from Traeger?

Traeger is a well-reputed and recognized brand when it comes to the grill. If you are looking for something budget-friendly and functional that can be used in your backyard, Traeger Pro 575 is a great choice. Other models from Traeger Pro Series are all decently priced with efficient and functional mechanisms that serve you with performance and convenience.

Is Traeger better than Oklahoma Joe?

Traeger is a big and reputed name when it comes to pellet grills, as it has been there for the longest design. Over the course of time, the brand has come up with many models designed for different budgets. In comparison, Oklahoma Joe is a new brand and has its own strengths. So, more than brand, you should base your research on different models as each is designed with a different perspective.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Traeger has been there for the most part, with a well-established and reputed name. From propane to gas, and even pellet, the grills coming from the brand are highly appreciated for their construction and functionality. In contrast, Oklahoma Joe is a new brand and has built its reputation based on its performance-oriented models that are designed to facilitate users with the best of features.

In other words, Trager has been known for its technological advancements such as digital displays, voice controls, wifi connectivity, and even Drive systems. Likewise, Oklahoma has been coming up with high-end, durable, and convenient designs. Hence, the right model largely depends on the budget allocation and individual requirements.

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