Pit Boss Austin XL Review 2022

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Pit Boss is one of the very popular brands for cooking grills and has gained immense popularity across the globe. There is a huge variety of grills at their store with various different features. Austin LX is one of their very high-quality grills with multiple advanced features. This grill machine is extremely spacious and is durable too.

So, in this article, we will discuss some of the interesting features of Austin XL in detail that you may find useful. Also, if you are planning to purchase a cooking grill then this article is solely for you because you are going to discover a lot.

Product Review

Pit Boss Austin XL

Having a grilling machine at home has now become a necessity. However, there are so many various kinds of cooking grills offered by different brands that it has become hard to pick one. So, to make it easier for you to decide, we have come up with a list of quality grill machines by Pit Boss company. Given below is a list of all of the important features of Austin XL:

1. Style and Appearance

The PiT Boss Austin XL grill comes with multiple parts and most of them are already assembled. However, for the remaining parts, they too are quite easy to assemble. This grill machine has a very trendy appearance and comes with a LED thermometer.

The thermometer allows you to monitor the temperature at which the food is being cooked. Other than that, you will also get a side shelf along with this grilling machine. The side shelf is made up of stainless steel which lasts for a long time and is a durable material too. So overall, the style and appearance of this cooking grill are really fascinating.

2. Size and Weight of Austin XL

This cooking grill is quite bulky since the weight of this grill is almost 181 pounds whereas if we talk about its height, it is 62 inches in height. However, wheels are attached to this cooking grill which makes it convenient for you to move it from one place to another. Without the wheels, it would have been way too difficult because the grill machine is extremely heavy and big in size. Plus, this is one of the most spacious grill machines that you will see. This quality gives you a lot of cooking space and you can simply enjoy the cooking experience.

3. Temperature Controlling System

The Pit Boss Austin XL grill machine comes with a controllable temperature system. You can adjust the temperature according to your requirement. There are various grilling zones on this grilling machine and you can adjust the temperature of the grilling zone the way you want. Adjusting the flame according to your needs allows you to experience the comfort and it also reflects the versatility of the grilling machine. Striving for balance is not an easy thing when it comes to temperature. The food either remains undercooked or becomes dry due to overcooking.

4. Portability of the Grilling Machine

As we have already discussed that the weight of this grilling machine is a bit too much, carrying it from one place to another is not a simple task. The Pit Boss Austin XL does come with wheels which make it moveable. However, assembling and dismantling the parts of the cooking grill while carrying them creates a lot of mess. So, in such a case, wheels come in handy. Other than that, the only limitation that you may feel with this grilling machine is that you cannot carry them on picnics or trips because it is really heavy. Even if you do carry them, that is quite exhausting.

5. LCD For Temperature

Another very interesting feature of this grilling machine is that it has an in-built LCD screen. The advantage of the LCD is that it helps you to keep an eye on the food and also, in optimizing the internal temperature. You can control the temperature through this feature and also manage to strike a balance in temperature and the flame. Other than that, you can switch on and off through this feature as it comes with a power button. You can view the thermometers and the reading with the help of this amazing feature that has made things more convenient.

6. Warranty of the Cooking Grill

Warranty of any product, especially electronic products, is completely necessary. Before you purchase any product, do check the warranty or ask the shopkeepers for it. The warranty gives you the space where if any problem arises, you can simply contact the company. So, the Austin XL comes with a warranty of five years which is huge time duration. Keeping warranty aside, you still need to maintain the cooking grill at regular intervals if you really want it to last. However, you may not face any serious issues because this is one of the most durable grills so far.


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Can you grill on pit boss Austin XL?

Yes, this is the best Austin XL is the best machine for grilling. When you have a gathering of friends and family at home then this is an ideal option for you.

How long does it take to assemble the pit boss Austin XL?

It takes almost forty to fifty minutes to assemble the parts of this cooking grill. If you have practiced and have been using it then it will take less than that.

Can you BBQ on a Pit Boss?

Yes, definitely. However, you need to be skilled at it because operating a grilling machine for BBQ is not quite simple.


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So, the Pit Boss Austin XL is one of the most versatile cooking grills that come with a number of advantages. It comes with a long-term warranty of five years. So, you can contact the company in case of any inconvenience or if any part of the machine is damaged. However, on a general note, this is one of the most durable and versatile cooking grills that offer you multiple new features.