8 Best BBQ Wood Pellets for Grills 2022 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

BBQ Wood Pellets

Pellets are undoubtedly the most important elements of a BBQ session. While you are planning to savor the flavorful BBQ in your backyard with your friends and family, it is ideal that you give wood pellets a thought. This is because they can not only add flavor to your dish but also help to keep the smoke and ash subtle.

When it comes to wood pellets, there are a number of alternatives in different sizes and shapes to go for. Hence, it becomes challenging to find the one that suits your preferences. To save your day, I have brought together some reviews and insight on the best BBQ wood pellets for grills. So, dive right in for more info and get yourself the right one.

Best BBQ Wood Pellets for Grills Review

1. CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix, Brown

CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix, Brown

To start with, these BBQ pellets for smokers are a great way to make the process flavorful and enjoyable. These 40PM pellets are made with heartwood that is quite rare to find and expensive. These don’t include artificial and overpowering flavors. Likewise, the fact that it has a subtle flavor makes it perfect for smoking as well as grilling.

Similarly, these come with a variety of flavors, ranging from wood to maple, cherry, apple, and hickory. So, you are getting a perfect blend of all the flavors, making the BBQ even juicier and mouthwatering. I also like the fact that it produces its own subtle and unique flavor with low moisture contents, so these will last you for long hours.

In the end, the heartwood is designed with a stable heat and ash generation, so you will be provided with a proportionate temperature throughout. On the whole, these pellets work with almost every meat from beef to port and even lamb. Despite being rare and unique, they are reasonable for the price and work with any grill.

  • Offers mouthwatering flavor
  • It uses high-quality, unique wood
  • Doesn’t use artificial flavors
  • Compatible with almost all grills
  • Ash production can be a problem


Wrapping up, these CookinPellets are one of the best BBQ wood pellets for smokers with enhanced flavors and stable temperature. These pieces possess low moisture content that helps you with a stable smoke ratio. Likewise, the use of high-quality heartwood makes it absolutely worth your price.

2. CookinPellets 40H Hickory Smoking Pellets

CookinPellets 40H Hickory Smoking Pellets

This cooking palette package from CookinPellets is designed for any type of grill with an incredible burn to smoke ratio and flavor that makes it worth the praise. I really like the overall price range of these pallets with low moisture, and smoke ensured. These pellets are known for their high BTU value, making them a great and notable alternative for your grill.

All these pellets are made up of 100% natural hardwood and don’t use any oak flavor that gives them an edge over others. Likewise, these pieces can be used for any type of meat, e.g., beef, poultry, pork, vegetables, and even seafood. Another thing I really like about these pellets is that you don’t have to be a pro or master at using grills, which makes it easy and convenient for beginners.

Lastly, while you burn them, you will notice rising fumes of flavors that can smell a bit chemical; however, rest assured as everything included in the package is natural. All in all, the burn to smoke ratio is noteworthy as it provides you with less moisture. Finally, the fact that these pellets are compatible with any type of grills makes them of great value.

  • Includes natural hardwood
  • Offers enhanced flavor
  • High BTU value
  • These work with any type of grill
  • It only includes one flavor
  • Expensive than usual


In essence, if you’re looking for something long-lasting and natural for your grill, I would highly suggest you go for this pellet package. It is best suited for any type of grill and offers less than usual smoke, making it a notable alternative, even for beginners. I also really like the fact that they haven’t used any artificial oak flavor in the construction, and it works well with any type of meat.

3. Traeger Grills Signature All-Natural Hardwood Pellets for Grill

Traeger Grills Signature All-Natural Hardwood Pellets for Grill

Here comes another best BBQ wood pallet wood for grills from Traeger. Traeger is a leading brand when it comes to grills and associated equipment and has never disappointed its users. This 20 pounds package of pellet includes maple wood, cherry wood, and hickory wood flavors that absolutely enhance the overall enjoyment of your BBQ.

Likewise, these wood pieces offer a balanced burn and smoke with controlled ashes, so you can easily grill your barbecue for the longest time. It further provides decent moisture, so that they can last for longer periods with a low smoke ratio. All of these pallet pieces are made up of natural hardwood, so you will have organic smoke (without synthetic additives) to begin the process with.

In the end, you can use these flavourful pellets with absolutely anything, from beef to pork, seafood, and even poultry. I have used them with vegetables, and they perfectly keep the flavor of food intact without much smoke. They also make the grilling a little bit juicer, so you will have an enhanced flavor with this 20 pounds packet of grill pellets.

  • It offers a blend of flavors
  • Decent burn-to-smoke ratio
  • It offers a clean burn
  • Offers a decent amount of product
  • Expensive for hardwood


If you are looking for bbq pellets to be used for grilling, this one from Traeger is a great option to go for. Likewise, these 20-pound pellets are made up of natural hardwood with three different flavors that allow you to experiment with the taste. Also, the fact that you can you these pieces works with absolutely every type of meat makes it and among others

4. RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets

RecTec Grills Ultimate Blend Pellets

Lastly, these pellets are designed to be used for either grills or smokers with absolute ease and performance ensured. This package of pellets comes from a leading RecTec brand that has gained quite a reputation over the years. I really like the fact that all of these pieces are uniform in size and possess high BTU value that helps you with efficient and precise grilling.

Speaking of their construction, they are designed with oak and hickory wood that adds an amazing flavor to your BBQ, making it even more enjoyable. These have a great outcome with equal proportions of ashes, burn rate, and smoke production. Hence, you can enjoy the ultimate smokey flavor of your meat while savoring it with your friends and family.

All in all, the package includes 40 pounds of compact and uniform pellets that make it easy to burn with a proportionate burning process. These pellets are designed to work with all types of grills, like any other quality product. Speaking of the time, rest assured as they are probably going to last you for some hours.

  • It works with any grill
  • Offers proportionate smoke
  • These come in uniform size
  • These are not really expensive
  • The flavors don’t blend well


Final thoughts, if you are looking for a quality pellet that is not overpowering for your budget and can work with your grill or smoker, I would highly suggest you go for these RecTec pellets. These are designed with oak and hickory flavor with proportionate burning and smoke. Also, these possess a high BTU value and work with any type of grill, so savor your BBQ with these flavorful pellets.

What to Look for While Buying the Best BBQ Wood Pellet for Grills and Smokers: Everything You Need to Know

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Wood pellets come in different sizes, shapes, and flavors across the market. These are constructed to provide you with subtle ash, smoke, and to add flavor to your BBQ. If you are looking for one, here are some things you should always consider;

Type of Wood Used

Here are some of the most commonly used pellets around the market for BBQ;

Standard Wood pellets are designed for basic food grilling. These are largely made up of basic wood and might include a large amount of ash with high moisture. These tend to have a lot of artificial flavors such as oaks, berk, and much more. If you don’t like synthetic additives in your BBQ, refrain from buying these.

Food-Grade Wood used in the pellets includes no artificial flavorings and additives. As the name suggests, they are designed for generating smoke and are often made up of hardwood. However, there are limited flavor options in these pellets.

Premium Wood used in the pellets is known for its original and natural construction as it doesn’t use any artificial flavors. These have no synthetic additives that keep the ash and burns extremely low, making them perfect for a subtle flavor. Also, these come with a variety of flavors that makes the BBQ even more enjoyable.

Finally, based on your individual likings and preferences, you can choose the right one.


Package size is another important consideration while buying the best BBQ wood pellets for grills and smokers. Hence, make sure that you are getting the amount that is reasonable for the price you are paying. For instance, going for something between 20 to 40 pounds is justified for a mid-price range. If you want to use them for at least two gatherings, try to go for standard packages of 40 pounds.


Here, it is important to know that not all wood pellets work with all types of grills and smokers. Hence, it is ideal that you are looking for something that can help you with a number of grills and smokers, so you can make them sustainable for later usage. For this, it is recommended that you do your research about the product and read reviews as sometimes, companies often make false claims that can be disguising.

In the end, I hope that based on these instructions, you can make a rational buying decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are wood pellets good for grilling?

Yes, wood pellets are good for grilling. However, make sure that these are designed to be used for grilling. The wood pellets for grilling tend to have low moisture value and stable temperature, having low smoke and ask production. So, always check the prescription before buying.

What wood is ideal for salmon?

For salmon, it is ideal that you go for natural wood such as maple or heartwood. This is because they have a proportionate ash and smoke production and tend to have a subtle flavor. Hence, this will help you in not overpowering the salmon with pellet flavor, blending both perfectly together.

How many pellets do I need for one smoking session?

It totally depends on the construction of your pellet, as some are designed to burn faster than usual. Hence, if your wood pellets have artificial flavors and synthetic additives, they will burn quickly with more smoke and ash production. Thus, the burning rate of each pellet varies based on the construction material and flavors.

Final Thought

In the end, BBQ wood pellets are of vital importance for the entire process as they can make or break the deal for you. There are a number of things you should always consider while buying these, from smoke production to heat generation, flavor, and sustainability. Hence, hopefully, this buying and review guide will save your day.

CookinPellets 40PM Perfect Mix Pellets is my favorite from this list as they are designed with uniform size, natural heartwood, low moisture level, and proportionate burn-to-smoke ratio.

Wrapping up, I hope that you will soon find the best BBQ wood pellets for your grill, based on your individual requirements.

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