Instant Pot Timer Not Starting – Issue Fixed 2022 Guide

instant pot timer issue fixed

Instant Pots are a very important appliance inside your kitchen and they are a miracle invention for any kitchen. They are very useful for cooking and baking. You can use them in several ways to cook your food.


They carry out tasks of any appliance which makes them enough to cook a lot of things for you to enjoy. Along with the different types of benefits they provide they are also very easy to clean after cooking which is the main reason behind their popularity among its customers.

You can experience some situations with your instant pots in which the instant pot timer doesn’t work or start. These are not common problems that occur and also require rectification to identify why this is happening.

You do not have to worry because these types of problems are very easily fixed and you won’t need to spend money to fix them, you can just do it on your own.

Let’s quickly look at the most common reason for the timer of instant pot stops working and also how to fix these issues.

Blown Fuse

There is a fuse inside an instant pot that helps the instant pot to regulate the amount of electricity being received by it. It also makes sure that proper and complete current is being flowed.

In case the fuse blows out the circuit becomes incomplete and the current is not regulated. In this case, you just have to replace the fuse and the pot will start working as it used to work properly and amazingly.

Not Plugged in Properly

The most common and silly problem occurs when the instant pot isn’t properly plugged in. ensure that the plug is properly connected to the power source.

It is possible that the plug is not properly connected or it is loose so, therefore, the current does not reach the pot. For smooth functioning of your instant pot, plug it in tightly before turning it on.

Inconsistent Powerflow

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If the power that your instant pot is receiving is not proper or unstable then it may affect the functioning of the instant pot.

As this is an electrical appliance and works entirely on electrical current therefore you cannot switch it on or use when there is an inconsistent current flow this may also affect the working and condition of your Pot.

No connection

It is pretty easy to understand that an instant pot cannot work without electricity and it requires a fully working power connection.

If your power connection is not working then it is simply that your instant pot won’t function. Whenever you see any kind of issue make sure you have a power connection.

Check manual

If you are done checking and following everything mentioned above and the instant pot is still not working properly check the user manual and you might probably get some idea of the issue occurring.

Does Instant Pot have Reset Button?

There are reset buttons available in many models of instant pots. This button plays a crucial role while you face any kind of trouble.

If you press the reset button all the settings of the time, temperature and pressure will come back to the default settings as the instant pot will restore the previous default settings once the Reset button is pushed.

In case of failure of resetting this will affect the cooking recipes. I would recommend you always push the reset button before the cooking process. This makes sure the food is proper. To ensure proper resetting you should hold and press the reset button for a minimum of three seconds when your instant pot is off.

If this button fails to work then you just need to replace it and this can be done on your own. If there is more electrical issue then you must contact an expert.


Instant pots play many roles in cooking and there are chances that they might face some issues while working and as they are so important it is pretty clear that you might get worried.

In the case of these small problems, you do not have to panic as these problems are common and are fixed with minimum efforts quickly and easily.

I hope you find this information useful and can apply the solutions when you are facing such problems.

Thank you.