Magic Bullet Vs Food Processor

Food Processor And Magic bullet

If you are new to kitchen appliances and want to start with new recipes but too confused to buy appliances for puree or smoothies, and figuring out the differences between Magic bullet and food processors. You need not worry as I will be discussing very much about it. This article will help you out to choose the best for you.

What exactly is a Magic Bullet?

Magic Bullet is one of the smart kitchen appliances, which looks like a small coffee mug. It is used mostly to blend puree into smooth consistency. It is pretty simple to use as you don’t have to press any button but push the cup to activate it. It is very much useful as a small amount can be mixed into puree which is not possible in a bender. In this all you need to do is, get the ingredients, pour it to the cup, twist the blades, fix the cup into the power base and choose the dial to pulse to easy lock.

Your whole equipment will carry:

  • One cross blade
  • Two lip rings
  • Three size cups
  • Releasable lids
  • To-go cup
  • A power base

This machine is light and portable with 200 watts of power. In simple terms it is a small powerful machine to make your smoothies and puree easily.

This Magic Bullet has many other features equipped. It can perform the task of grating, grinding, chopping and pureeing. You might face trouble with the hard vegetables and ice, but you can always purchase additional equipment for blending the hard vegetables. It does great with smoothies, leafy vegetables, protein powders etc. The more positive element in the machine is that it is affordable and is also available online. It is super easy to clean as the cups can be easily removed and both the lids and cups are safe to use in a dishwasher. It is an advice to clean the attachment section with warm water after every use. The problem in blenders is that it is sometimes hard to clean because of its narrow neck.

Let me figure out some Pros and Cons for a Magic bullet:


  • Firstly, it is affordable
  • Easily available
  • Easy to clean
  • Microwave safe cups
  • It is smooth to run
  • Tops in functionality
  • Easy to store


  • The size of the cups limits the amount to process food
  • It is difficult to crush hard vegetables and Ice

What exactly is a Food Processor?

All the way down here, we discussed all about Magic Bullet. Now, let’s coin our vision towards the Food Processor. A food Processor is used to roughly chop vegetables and fruits. It can also blend, dice and make puree for a wide variety of ingredients. The hard texture of any food is not a matter to slice in a blender. It usually has a very strong and sharp blade with a powerful motor along with wide and vast containers. Although it is a little bigger and might be heavy but the functionalities are no less.

It can easily be used to make sauces, doughs, pesto and more, which on the other hand is not possible in a magic bullet. The wide bowl that comes with a blender is very useful for mixing the ingredients and the good thing is it prevents the ingredients from over mixing. In this particular bowl you can also pour liquid and mix with other solid ingredients. The blender is best to mix sauces and also go well with puree. It can mix oil and water together very well as these are the basic ingredients for making any kind of spreads and sauce. All though at times people prefer to use magic bullets rather than food processors for making soups. The blender might not give a smooth texture that would be in case of magic bullet.

The food processor comes with:

  • Different varieties of bowls along with a dough hook
  • Chopping blades
  • Sharp slicing and grating discs
  • Blending jugs(optional)

However, this is no less from a magic bullet. It is easily available online and as well as nearby stores for kitchen appliances. It is easy to clean apart from the narrow jugs. The bowls and other elements apart from the motor are safe to use in a dishwasher.

The difference between Magic Bullet and Food Processor.

Magic bullets are easier to use in case of juices or smoothies or any kind of liquid. You can easily drink your smoothie directly from the holder without taking the effort to pour it into a glass. Whereas, food processors are not really meant for liquids.

Magic Bullets are best for some of the ingredients as it is hard to grind nuts or hard vegetables. Here, food processors help to easily grind or chop the hard nuts or vegetables. The large mixing bowls do not limit the intake of ingredients. It is well suited to make dough which is not possible in blenders.

However, both appliances are best in their own way. The high end blenders still face difficulties in competing with the various food processors in the market.

What’s in the end?

The market of kitchen appliances comes with high end or moderate food processors come with different attachments for grinding, blending and chopping. However, if you prefer to make more smoothies, go for magic bullets and for dense heavy food it is better to use a food processor. In case you have a huge family it’s preferable to go for a high end food processor.