Can A Crock Pot Go In The Oven ?

The brilliant kitchen invention which has made cooking very easy and fast. All the people over the world know the usage of a pressure cooker and the crock pot. A crock pot is quite convenient and easy to use but the question lies whether it can be put into an oven. What if it gets damaged? You will be happy to know that we can use a crock pot into an oven but we have to measure some precautions while doing so.

What is a crock pot?

Let me give a short introduction about the crock pot. This is a type of slow cooker in which you can simmer the temperature and it facilitates unattend period of cooking dishes. It is very easy to use and makes cooking much easier and simple. Crock pot is also a countertop electrical appliance used for various cooking methods like boiling stews, baking and frying. So, you are free to make a wide variety of dishes using this slow cooker.

In the early era, crock pots were completely different from the ones we get now in the market. It was designed for one meal. In the modern era the pot got modified with alarms, whistles and dials on them. IIn short, it raged the sales in the market because of it’s easy going features.

Is a Crock Pot oven safe?

This is a big question to ask. There are many varieties of crock pot in the market. The pot is made up of ceramic lining and it has a heating element systemized inside it. The ceramic lining can withstand a particular limit of temperature.

If you want to make dishes with a crock pot in an oven, you’ve to be careful with the temperature settings. The temperature should not be more than 400 degree Fahrenheit. Or else, the metal case covering the bottom heating system can get damaged. It is an advice to not broil when the crock pot is in the oven. The lid can be exposed to higher heat and crack at the same time. If you do not follow certain measures then you might end up having a damaged or cracked crock pot.


In certain cases, people forget about the plug in and put the whole of the crock pot into the oven. This is very dangerous and can cause a huge blast. The pot should not be plugged in when used in an oven. However, it is also necessary to keep in mind that you should not heat the pot for too long in duration.

Crock pots are made of ceramic or porcelain. It is always advisable to check into manufacturer advice before putting it in the oven. Some of it goes for built in ovens and some are not, therefore it is always better to take precautions than cures.

Crock pots are made up of ceramics but the lids can be made up of plastic or metal. It is not good for microwaves or any other conventional ovens.

Next time, when you think of putting your pot inside an oven, check for the necessary precautions in the manual.