Is A Popcorn Machine Worth It? – Features, Costs, Benefits

If you are wondering of having a movie night with loads of popcorn on your lap but then it strokes in your mind that you can only make popcorn in your microwave.

The same old popcorn will ruin your mood.

Then why don’t you buy a popcorn machine?

It’s convenient enough and will not ruin your mood.

Is it worth buying?

I thought of investigating a little about the popcorn machines.

If you owe a home movie theatre you will surely want the best popcorn machine, with the best look and a lot of features. Usually the popcorn machines come up with a non-stick surface, stirring hands and a lot more. The freshly popped popcorn is loved by all. Many think the machines are worth it. It costs not much but $25.

Let’s go deep into the topic to find out more about the popcorn maker. We will be discussing the types and features, the pricing range and much more in detail. Is the microwave better than the popcorn machine? or is it better to use a stovetop? Everything will be answered.

How does a popcorn machine function?

It’s nothing too complicated to understand the working of the popcorn machine. Let’s start with the tradition, a popcorn machine can be 2 feet long or much more or less, it completely depends on the amount of popcorn being popped. As we have seen in most of the theatres the traditional popcorn machine has this huge metal canister in which the oil and corn kernels are placed.

The oil heats up to 204 to 315 Celsius as soon as the heat is turned on. Eventually the popcorn starts to pop up filling up the whole canister and overflows into the box made of glass which also surrounds the heating system. The second type to make popcorn is Air popped popcorn where no oil is needed. The air popper uses a fan to blow air over the heating element to pop the kernels. And as you see in the movies a glass box filled with popcorn, is right in front of you.

I believe in most of the household, most of the family members are dependent on-Air fryers, if you have one making air popped popcorn is way easier for you. All you need to do is spray a little avocado or coconut oil though it’s not necessary, put the popcorn kernels into the air fryer and turn the heat to 350-degree Fahrenheit. Wait up to 15 minutes and your popcorn is ready without any mess.

Why should I buy a Popcorn machine?

This question is very relevant because earlier I have talked about making popcorn without the machine. But just think you are watching a movie with or without your friends and when you went to grab a handful of popcorn you felt a little different. The taste, the texture is all different from the one you expected. You


want to have a movie night with the aesthetic taste, and the show-off the popcorn machine you bought.

Why won’t you buy it? I can give you many reasons to have such a useful machine at your house. The ‘features’ you will not ignore.

Not too costly. It will not empty your pocket but instead it will prove to be a good investment.

Non-stick Surface. You will not be having burnt popcorn or sticking to the surface of your vessel. The cleaning up the vessel will be smooth and easy.

Stirring Mechanism. The excellent stirring mechanism will help to pop every bit of the kernel. Not a single kernel will remain un-popped.

Easy to clean. The mechanism and additional features make it easy to clean. The hassle-free cleaning is again a great feature of this machine.

Do I need a big machine?

It will not be hard to decide whether you need a small or a huge machine. Everything depends on the size of people you are serving. If it is a group of more than seven to eight people you will definitely need a big machine. A small and handy machine will easily suffice a group of four to six people. A four ounce of popcorn machine will be enough to serve more than you expect.

However, if you want something handy and, in your budget, you can buy a small four to five-ounce machine but if serving a large group of people, you need to made popcorn in batches. And if you’re tired of making multiple times, an eight ounce machine will be good for you. It is completely up to you how you want to use and how many people you want to serve.

Are you asking for more advantages?

Well don’t worry, I can answer it. It is very convenient to have a popcorn machine in your house, whenever you wish to have a bowl full of popcorn you need not worry to go out and buy it. You can have tasty and un burnt popcorn. It is very chic to have a popcorn machine at your house.

You are free to buy any size of popcorn machine, a rectangular glass shaped box filled with popcorn of your choice and you are free to have as much as you want. If you are having trouble searching for a popcorn machine in your retail shop you are free to go online and search it. You will get amazing deals and offers.

Will the popcorn taste better or the same?

It is quite obvious that the popcorn made out of popcorn will be lip smacking and tasty and full of flavors. It will not taste the same popcorn you made out from the microwave or air fryer. I am quite sure that you will understand the difference in taste of popcorn you had in a movie theatre and the one you made at home.

Secondly, if you don’t want to buy a popcorn machine and rely on your stove popped popcorn, there is no harm in it. It is far better than the once you made in the microwave. The popcorn is filled with artificial ingredients and will change the taste of the popcorn. However, this might be a little expensive and I’m sure you don’t want to waste too much money.

Fortunately, you can store the freshly popped popcorn for a few days. All you need to do is heat the stored popcorn on the heating plate and wait for some time. Don’t put the heat on high as it might burn your popcorn. If you are too lazy to heat it up in your popcorn machine or on the stove top, you can have it at room temperature but it might feel different from the freshly popped once. Lock it in a zip lock bag and again enjoy it for a few days.

Thinking about the oil to use?

If you wish to have a flavorful popcorn tub, you need to keep in mind the type of oil you use to pop the popcorn. In many cases, the oil used best for the popcorns are canola oil and coconut oil. Both have their own benefits and taste. One is low in cholesterol and the other is high in taste. To choose the taste you want you need a little experimentation to go on.

The consumers are free to use any type of oil, be it peanut oil, soya oil or sunflower oil, just prefer the oil according to your taste. The benefit to use a popcorn machine is that you do not need tons of oil. You just have to spray the particular oil on the surface and let the popcorn pop. It is very easy to clean the oil because of the non-stick surface. In case of air fryers, you might face a lot of difficulty in cleaning the oil and changing the oil frequently.

In theatres, they use different types of oil according to their convenience. But in most of the theatres they prefer to use coconut oil or the mixture of canola and coconut oil. Canola is tasteless and is inexpensive whereas coconut oil is flavorful. If you want to have tasty popcorn, I suggest that you go for coconut oil and at end pour real melted butter to enhance the taste. Or spray some butter if you wish to.

Wondering about the Price?

Different popcorn machines vary in price from size to shape. You will get small popcorn machines to huge cart machines. The small handy and countertop machines may range from $25 to $50. If you are thinking of buying the huge popcorn machines the price range can start from $60 and go up to $120 or more. The huge ones are made of tempered glass boxes and tilt outdoors for serving.

If you are thinking of transforming your house to a theatre full of ambience, I would suggest you to buy the cart or floor models. The top-quality models might cost a little bit more because of the authenticity and features.

Which popcorn machine to buy?

There are millions of popcorn machines in the market, everyone is ‘best’ in its own self. I would like to suggest a few of the popcorn machines that you would like to buy.

The list starts with:

West Bend 82707B Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popper

This brand of popcorn machine has more than 4000 reviews and a five-star product in the market. This is an affordable machine which will cost you under $50. In just 4 minutes it can come up with 6 quarts of popcorn for a family of five. It has a nest like structure to store the popcorn. The more features include a nonstick surface with a stirring rod to pop each and every kernel in the pot.

The alignment of the covering and heating base makes it safe for moving it around. In other words, it is a hassle-free popcorn machine which also has the capabilities of melting butter and also it is very easy to clean. You will not need any extra labor or time to clean it up.

West Bend 82515 Hot Theater Style Popper

The next best option is this huge popcorn machine with multiple features. You want the aesthetic look in the popcorn machine but don’t want a big cart, this product is what you want. This 5-star model can hold up to 4-ounce of kernel. Along with aesthetic looks it also has the tilt door to serve the popcorn and a nonstick surface for easy cleaning. If you have a home theatre then I would like to say that this product is the best to serve you right.

Nostalgia Concession CCP1000 Vintage Professional Popcorn Cart

This popcorn cart is something very nostalgic isn’t it? The popcorn lovers will love to buy this cart as this will add as a décor to your house. This $200 machine can hold up to 10 ounces of kernels. This is also easy to use and clean.


And you can move around the cart as it has wheels on it.

Remember to pop your popcorns with different flavors and toppings and enjoy your movies at home.