Nutribullet Stuck: How to fix it?

How to fix Nutribullet Stuck

Nutribullet is one of the most popular brands and its creator Colin Sapire calls it a Nutrition extractor.

In the world of blending, the best Nutribullet was offered at a good price.

The superiority of this product which was employed with the blending method gave fierce marketing.

Nutibullet uses a small four or six-blade to crush the ingredients, it has a single-serve pitcher, blenders and it was produced in such a way to store in a small place.

The Nutribullet works at high speed it easily breaks down the nuts, seeds, and hard ingredients into extracted form. If you pour unblended ingredients into Nutibullet sieve, it will give you a liquified form, and more nutrients get extracted which are useful for easy digestion.

This kind of blending cannot be applied for standard blenders that resist crushing the ingredients like seeds and nuts. Nutribullets are an inverted process, you can fill the containers with ingredients and invert them before fixing them in the motor. It has a compact motor unit and smaller ingredients containers are modified for single-serve smoothies.

What happens if your Nutribullet Activators get stuck?

Here comes the easy solution, you will note that while you attempt to attach the cup or jug, it will not slide in entirely. This happens when something sticky gets inside, cause trouble to slide in from time to time.

The quickest way to find a solution for this, first of all, you need a q-tip, alcohol and a butter knife. Immerse the q-tip in the alcohol, with the help of q-tip, rub the activators, and the alcohol dissolves the stickiness in a matter of time.

After this, place your knife so that the tip of the blade touches the activator. Press the blade into the activator and trouble solved at last. If you find it jammed again, add more alcohol, and repeat the procedure.

Why Nutribullet is not turning on?

Blender problems

Check whether the cord is plugged into the wall outlet properly since it can provide 120volts. If the voltage appears to be less then it will not turn on.

Take a look at the cord to see whether it is torn and replace the cord if it’s not serviceable. Another reason is, if the tab in the cup is broken then the blender will not turn on.


Since the Nutrishake blend to give food, it is possible to see the leaks and spillage in and around them. Make sure the extractor blade is tightly attached to the cup lid and study the manual, so you can learn how to use ridges on the cup properly. If it doesn’t attach then you have to buy a new one.

Usually, rubber seal work is to secure the cup and it averts the leakage. The rubber seal also called the gasket which can be found on the underside of the extractor blade. If you found it torn or split then follow the manual to replace it.

How can you secure a cup in powerbase? Powerbase has three slits which appear to be matched with the side of the cup. Make certain that the cup is tightly held and locked into the high torque power base.

If you find cracks on the interior or exterior part of Nutribullet, separate the cup from the high torque power base and check the parts in the Nutribullet powerbase to identify if there are any cracks. If you happen to find a crack beforehand then you can protect the wires. If you find a crack on base and cup, purchase a new one.

Blade stopped turning

Normally when we plug in the socket, the blade runs at speed like it’s running for a marathon match. But when it refused to turn, you might find a lot of reasons for it. Let us see them one by one.

Sometimes we use the blender for a longer period. So the makers of the Nutribullet suggest you can use for 1 minute not more than that. What happens if you use more than 1 minute? Your machine drains the motor quickly, which affects the blades.

If you happened to inhale a burning smell, it might be the cause that your motor refuses to turn on. To solve this let your powerbase cool down for an hour and when the unit is unplugged, the powerbase will restart soon.

Blade fight to blend food

Why does the blade refuse to blend? And why does it takes a long time?

The reason will be, the food gets stuck in between the blades. First, you need to unplug the Nutribullet from the outlet and to clear any barrier to remove the extractor blade. While doing this, you might get hurt during the process so be cautious.

Another reason is Nutribullet is a blender, used for soft foods like fruits and veggies. You can use Nutribullet to make liquid food.

What happens if you use solid food on a Nutribullet? The blender won’t cut at last they will stop working.

The cup is overloaded or full of food to cut it

It depends on what type of cup, and it depends on various sizes, for example, 30 oz short cup or 45 oz oversized cup. You have to find out the recommended max line which can be used for food or liquid. Make sure to keep the ingredients below the max line. This might be another reason, food gets struck.

Replace the blade

When you find the blade is spinning but it refuses to blend or cut food fully. This is because your blade may appear dull and replacing is the only solution at last. After replacing the blade continue to blend. Now the blade will work properly.

How to solve the jamming problem?

Add a few drops of warm water or you can use oil or vinegar into the activators slot and after few minutes press it down, don’t use your finger, you may get hurt during the process instead use a spoon or something which you find useful to press down the activators. Now your Nutribullet will start working again.