Strong Button On Keurig What Does It Do? – 2022 Guide

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All the models of Keurig single-serve mini-series have a strong button.

The strong button on the machines is basically to brew the coffee to its maximum potential. Keurig coffee makers come in different reservoir capacities. The strong button brings out a stronger flavor with a similar amount of coffee.

If you are using K-cups it sets the brewer to the best setting by installing the barcode automatically.

Keurig brew machines have launched different brew machines to fit the expectations of different customers.

Keurig is a company that takes pride in creating strong coffee blends though medium and mild blends are also available. Hence, with their machines, they have provided machines with different temperature settings, capacity, and display.

Strong Coffee Advantages:

For people who generally love strong coffee in the morning or in the afternoon to have their brain potential to the fullest, Keurig is one of the best companies for coffee machines and also coffee pods.

A cup of strong coffee in the morning or whenever you require a little push and adrenaline for brainstorming great ideas during work is perfect assistance.

For those who are not a fan of the strong taste, coffee K-cups are available in different flavors with light roast, added flavors like vanilla, chocolate. And, brewers by Keurig even come to different brew settings to get the best coffee to your taste.

Keurig Coffee maker Models with strong Button:

Keurig coffee has been making brewers that are personalized, space-saving, and has a lot of variety in terms of water content, setting, automation, and brewing temperature. Some of them even come with auto programmable settings and ice brew setting options.

From the classic models to the office pro series and the single-serve Keurig 2.0 series have delivered promised service and great taste. Here are some of the best Keurig coffee makers for the best strong coffees.

K-mini plus

K-mini plus

K-mini plus is the best single-serve coffee maker. What makes it better than K-mini is not only the strong button but the removable reservoir.

  • Slimmest single-serve machine
  • Strong button
  • Removable reservoir with 6oz to 12 oz capacity for each cup

This is one of the easy o control and priceable coffee machines by Keurig.



If you want a coffee maker to fulfill various coffee making this is the one to get. The K-Elite machine comes with not only the strong brew option but also ice brewing as well as hot brewing.

  • Stronger and tastier brew with Strong setting
  • Proper brewing for iced coffee
  • Reservoir with up to 12 oz capacity with 5 cup size settings
  • Fits travel mug and spacious
  • Auto on/offsetting

K-elite is one f the best selling and extremely popular model because of the display and multiple settings. Though the size is average it can take a little bit of counter space compared to the slim models by Keurig. But the functionality of this model is incomparable.

K-Select Coffee Maker:

K-Select Coffee Maker

The K-Select coffee maker is a perfect family size coffee maker with a strong brew option.

  • 52 oz water reservoir
  • The strong setting for extra brewing
  • Removable drip tray
  • 4 cup sizes
  • Auto-off button for power savings

K-Select coffee brewer is one of the recommended choices in terms of ease of use and durability.

K-mini single-serve coffee maker:

K-mini single-serve coffee maker

K-mini single-serve is the best design for a single-serve with a strong button to extract most of the robust flavor of the coffee. Single-serve with refillable reservoir

  • Strong button for the robust roasted flavor
  • Less space consumption on the countertop
  • 6 oz reservoir and requires to be refilled for every use

As the string option and the sleek design are pros of this model, it can also be a con depending on how you like your coffee, and if you live with your family. The slim design doesn’t fit the travel mug but brews great strong coffee, perfect for dorm dwellers, bachelors, and those who live alone.