Is Keurig Coffee too strong?

keurig coffee

Keurig coffee has been named to be one of the world’s strong tasting coffee.Though this company comes with a variety of ranges with different coffee blends, it has a stronger taste than others.

Though the way of drinking coffee has changed over the years. Nowadays a lot of infused flavors are available for pleasing the vast taste tasters.

Dark roast coffee is generally assumed to be a choice for heavy drinkers and liked by a lot of people because of its dominant flavours. But mild roast and medium roast tend to anchor the different nuances of coffee which is lost in dark roast.

How to make Keurig coffee less strong?

How a good coffee tastes can be different depending on how you like yours. If a Keurig coffee is too strong for you, there are ways to make it taste more accurate for your taste.

Water to coffee ratio:

The first obvious way is to mix more water to coffee. The preferred espresso to water ratio for a nice cup of basic Americano is 3:1. But for K-cups if that is too strong for your taste you can try to add a little more water but not too much. Too much water can break the balance of the bitter acidic palette. With water the acidity of the coffee increases.

Right Blend of Coffee:

The next way is to choose the right blend of coffee for you. For those who have cravings for coffee for three to four times daily the Keurig coffee might not taste strong.

But those of you who use a cup of coffee only for the morning kick or afternoon slug, it may seem strong. For those we can recommend different varieties of coffee pods.

If you want mild and less potent coffee varieties you can use the listed ones below. If you want a little less caffeine in your cup make sure to buy dark roasted coffee blends as long as the beans have been roasted the less complex they are in taste. Dark roast coffee may have a very strong bitter and nutty taste but not necessarily have complex flavor and more caffeine.

So, go for a light roast for mild taste and a little more caffeine and go for dark roast for strong taste but less caffeine. If you want to just eliminate caffeine you can choose decaf blends. There are different fun flavours with caramel, vanilla, chocolate to choose from.

Different blends of coffee and adding flavors

Simply adding milk or flavors to your coffee can make it taste a little less strong. But don’t add too much sugar than your normal as it makes the coffee more acidic. Many different flavors like vanilla, chocolate, caramel also soothes our palate and makes the drink more enjoyable. Try out new recipes, lattes to make it creamier and less strong.

There are ample number of flavors and more than 40 varieties of k-cups and even custom variety packs. K-cups and coffee pods are little different just in the sense of their packaging. Keurig coffee pods are packaged in a long filter paper lined capsule-like sash where k-cups are single-serve single use coffee cups with the right blend.

Here are some flavours for a mild, less robust and less potent coffee.

Cinnamon light

The sweet cinnamon flavor and nuances of light roasted coffee lets you taste the acidity, bitterness of coffee and aromatic sweetness all together.

Green Mountain caramel Vanilla cream:

In general Green mountain is generally one of the potent, robust coffee. But if you mix the blend with sweet caramel and gentle vanilla flavor it becomes sweet and you can’t taste the bitterness much.

French Vanilla Twist

The Vanilla infused with the coffee not only enhances the taste but also helps to soothe stomach aches, reduce acidity.

Double Donut breakfast blend:

A cup of sweet coffee with donut is really a complete meal. The double donut breakfast blend has the perfect robustness for a sweet donut.

Hot Fudge Brownie blend :

The fudge brownie is an all time favourite snack with coffee. So, this coffee blend will quench your thirst for coffee without a strong taste.

Mocha Latte

Chocolate flavoured frothy mochaccino is definitely light, creamy and perfect mild coffee. You can make it more of a delicacy by adding cream, marshmallow.

If you don’t like your coffee too strong you should avoid dark roast blends by Keurig like Green Mountain, Arabica dark roast and classic French roast.

How to cut down the caffeine

If you are simply looking forward to cutting down your caffeine intake then going for a light roast is not going to help much. Here are some tips to make your coffee less strong in terms of caffeine content.

  • The less grounded the better. You can use coarsely grounded beans to naturally reduce the caffeine.
  • Use Arabica coffee beans rather than Robusta. Robusta has higher caffeine than Arabica which will not be good if you are reliant on coffee too much.
  • If you want to cut down your coffee you can choose decaffeinated blends of coffee. But you can also mix a mild blend of coffee with decaf blend. This way you will still get the kick from coffee without consuming too much.

These are some ways you can try to make your keurig coffee less strong and more suitable to your taste.