10 Best Extension Cord For Refrigerator 2022 – Top Picks

Best Extension Cord For Refrigerator

Refrigerators are undoubtedly one of the most expensive appliances in the kitchen along with being expensive they are also very useful. Taking care of such types of equipment by using the right things needed for them is very essential as a failure in any component will lead to damages.


The extension cord used for electrical supply to the refrigerator is one major reason for failure if the cord is faulty. The best and the safest option to be used to switch a refrigerator is to plug it directly into the wall outlet.

In some instances, this option is not available so one has to use an electrical cord. One can use any cord to power small appliances like lamps or fans but using the wrong extension cord for such big appliances can lead to damages.

There are plenty of refrigerator extension cords that are available in the market and out of those choosing the best one for your refrigerator can be a challenging thing. Today in this article we are going to see how to choose the best electrical extension cord and review some of the best cords available in the market.

Top refrigerator extension cords for 2022

1. Qualihome Heavy duty extension cord

Qualihome Heavy duty extension cord

Qualihome is known for the products and the quality that they offer. They always take care of the user’s convenience.

The Qualihome heavy-duty extension cord is one of the best cord available. This is a great option for major appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators.

It has got an angle that makes it easy to plug in even in tight spaces and also allows the wire to resin flush to the wall in such places.

This extension cord comes with a grip groove that makes it easier to connect and disconnect it from appliances.

The cord is built with heavy insulation which in turn protects the cord from any kind of damage from moisture, abrasion, and from rats too. It can transfer electricity up to 125 Volts which is ideal for major kitchen appliances like the fridge and air conditioners.

2. Stanley 31536 Grounded heavy-duty extension cord

This cord can transfer electricity up to 125 Volts which makes it a heavy-duty extension cord. It is very ideal for large appliances like a refrigerator.

The insulation is the most attractive part of the cord as it is coated with heavy-duty vinyl insulation which saves it from water, moisture, and it’s free from abrasion.

It also has a three-pronged shape which makes it very easy to fit snugly in the wall outlet which in turn makes sure that the refrigerator is getting the proper amount of power.

This is a 9-foot cord that ensures that there isn’t any kind of power or voltage drop while transferring electricity to the refrigerator and it also does not get heated while doing so.

3. Iron Forge Cable 16/3 SJTW Green Extension Cable

This green cable for an extension is capable of handling high voltage which makes it an ideal choice for appliances such as refrigerators, microwaves, and air conditioners. It is a multipurpose card that can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes.

The Forge company also offers a lifetime warranty for this extension cord which directly states to us the durability of the product and the quality of the materials used. This ensures customer satisfaction.

One more good thing to add is it’s also water-resistant as it has got a flexible vinyl covering which protects it from water, moisture, and abrasion.

Along with all this, the prongs are reinforced using blades which helps in preventing it from any kind of breakages or bending. As mentioned earlier that are also suitable for outdoor powering due to this reason.

It’s specially designed to carry high voltage without any damage and overheating.

4. GoGreen Power GG-25606 Extension Cord

Safety is the primary concern while you shop for such kinds of appliances. This beige-colored cord is quite visible from any place which adds to its safety.

This extension cord is very great for those who do not want to spend a high amount. This cord isn’t very expensive and surely fits in your budget.

The length of the cord is 6 feet and this is the standard length for any cord which ensures there isn’t any kind of drop-in voltage.

The 14 gauge wire along with ETL approval ensures that there isn’t any risk of overheating and damages and it is quite awesome to take care of the safety of your appliances.

The price of the cord is also very affordable or such amazing features and the quality which isn’t compromised at any cost.

5. POWERTECH Heavy-duty Extension Cord

This is one of the most ideal extension cords available in different lengths which makes it very convenient for consumers.

This heavy-duty extension cord comes with 14 gauge and grounded with 3 prong which makes it suitable for major appliances that consume high energy.

Along with this, the cord has an angled plug that allows it to be plugged in and fit in properly even in tight spaces. This cord is ideal for only powering major appliances.

It can easily transfer energy up to 125 Volts and does not heat up.

The Buying guide for Extension Cord of the refrigerator

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Shopping for an extension cord which is safe enough and is capable of transferring high voltage of electricity without causing any damages. You just need to consider a few things while buying an extension cord for your refrigerator.

The Voltage of the Cord

The voltage will be a primary thing to consider as the cord will be used to transmit a high voltage of electricity.

Always make sure you buy a Cord that is capable of handling a high amount of electricity.

Type of Plug

The type of the plug will also determine which cord to buy it will depend on the space available at the wall outlet at your home.

I would recommend you to buy 3 plug type cord.


The length of the cord will be considered by the distance of your refrigerator from the wall outlet. You need to buy a cord that can easily reach the wall outlet from your refrigerator.

The gauge of the cord

We all know that copper is the best conductor of electricity and is the best to transfer electricity. This copper wire comes in gauge. Buying a cord with a high gauge will be beneficial for you. A higher gauge prevents any kind of heating and fire outbreaks.


While buying any product the cost is the ultimate consideration so always make sure that the cord provides you the value for the money you pay. I will personally recommend not to compromise quality for price in such things.


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The good quality extension cord will add to the life of your appliance. An extension cord is used for powering many appliances like microwaves, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

The above-mentioned products are the best available and I hope the details were good enough to aid your decision for buying an extension cord.

In this article, we explored what an electrical extension cord is and reviewed some of the best products that are available in the market and also saw the things that one has to consider while shopping for an extension cord.

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