Does Thai Curry Paste Go Bad? – 2022 Guide

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Ever wonder if you can keep your favorite Thai curry paste past its “Best if Used By” date?

A reader recently sent us an email asking,

“I noticed your post on Thai curry paste says it’s best kept refrigerated. I’ve had a few jars of it in a dark cabinet for over a year now, and they seem fine. Is there really a problem with keeping it out, or is it just for freshness?”

Our answer is a bit more complicated than that, but here’s what we know about storing this spicy paste.

Curry paste seems like one of those things you would throw away once it’s passed its expiration date, but is it really possible to do that?

The short answer is no, but there is a longer, more complex answer to the question.

It goes without saying that, if your Thai curry paste smells bad, or looks discolored or strange in any way, you should throw it away.

We always want to taste different types of curries.

Recently, I heard about the Thai Curry Pastes.

Now, I talk about the famous Thai Curry Paste.

Here, the Thai Curry Pastes can available in different ways like grocery stores and you can also book the product in online shopping like Amazon or other foodie markets.

If you want to make a Thai Curry Paste recipe at home, it will not good taste compared to the outside taste.

Because you can not find the right ingredients and flavors used in Thai Curry Paste.

What are the basic ingredients are used in Thai Curry Paste?

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Thai curry paste is made from a collection of spices, coconut milk, lemongrass, garlic, shrimp paste, and salt, and it is an essential ingredient in Thai dishes like red curry, som tam, or khao soi.

Thai curry paste has a solid base of coconut milk. Thai curries start with curry paste which is a blend of fresh ingredients. Here, some of the basic ingredients are used in any type of Thai Curry Pastes. Those are

  • Chilies
  • Garlic
  • Onions
  • Oil
  • Thai ginger

I know that there are different types of Thai Curry Pastes are available in the grocery stores that depend on vegans or vegetarians or non-vegans.

Thai Curry Pastes

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Thai curries differ from one another is which chilies get used. These Thai Curry Pastes can be available in a few types. Such as

  • Green (The Hottest).
  • Yellow (The Mildest).
  • Red (The Middle).

These are all the different curry pastes are available. I think that some of the curry pastes are also used other than the green, red, yellow curry pastes.

Green chilies play in green curry, which is the hottest and red chilies are used in red curry, which gives slightly milder hot. Yellow Thai Curry Paste contains a lot of turmerics so which gives that yellow color and these contains lower amount of chili peppers. You can do any curry paste garnished with fresh cilantro leaves and dried seed if cilantro plants.

The Green Thai Curry Paste is preferable for vegans or vegetarians and this curry paste is hotter than the other curry pastes. Green Thai Curry is the spiciest. If you love spicy food, I’ll prefer you that you’ll probably love Thai Green Curry Paste.

Is the Thai Curry Paste won’t be spoil ?

Most of the foods without the help of preservatives don’t last much longer than a month under refrigeration. If you are not doing some preservatives in the Thai Curry Pastes, they can spoil. Don’t bother about it definitely, i will give you some places to store the Thai Curry Pastes.

I would like to tell you that the best place to store Thai Curry Paste in a cold, dark place like a kitchen cabinet or low-temperature room. So you can stored this curry paste in refrigerators. If you can keep opened curry paste in the refrigerator, it should still be good for a few months. The unopened curry paste won’t be spoil for 2 or more years.

Here you can raise one question that “How long can i keep the opened Thai Curry Paste in the refrigerator ?” Once opened the paste it can be last up to two or more months. But it depends on the company and the content flavors used in that curry paste. Here you’re facing some issues while you preserving the Thai Curry Paste.

Moisture and heat creates a bacteria.

In jar, airtight with a seal prevents bacteria from growing. So you consider the metal of the jar. If there is rain or other moisture that comes to contact with metals lids, then this curry paste going to experience rust. Sometimes it is very dangerous when it gets into the paste. Some holes in the jar cause loss of pressure and they loss the airtight seal.

You are check while using the jar of curry paste is that there is holes are presented in the jar or not. Because, i suggested you to that this type of punctures cause unhealthy for you.

The another problem is that inside the Thai Curry Paste has plenty of moisture.This moisture makes a lot of bacterial growth. Reducing the moisture you need to store the Thai Curry Paste in the refrigerator. This limit is set to prevent the food poisoning also. You should important to notice that plastic jar is very dangerous for health.

So, i prefer you that, glass jars offer a better storage container for Thai Curry Paste. It causing a change in flavor and it leads to cancer also. Since glass doesn’t leach at all. So, you want to prefer glass jars only for storing the Thai Curry Pastes.

Can you use expired curry paste?

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The date is an indicator of when you should throw it away once opened. So if the Thai curry paste reached to expired date, you will throw it away because if you taken that expired curry it may change that taste and flavor.

You should be perfectly fine to eat expired unopened Thai Curry Paste as long as it’s stored correctly.

You should remember some of the key signs to know whether or not you should use opened or unopened Thai Curry Paste. Those are

  • Store the unopened Thai Curry Pastes in the refrigerator.
  • If the curry paste jar is opened, then you should that into the refrigerator and you can use expired unopened paste also.
  • Once you opened the curry paste jar then you can take some prevents.
  1. Avoid plastic or bottles to store the Thai Curry Paste.
  2. Check the smell test to see if it smells gross of fresh or not.
  3. Avoid it, if it has rust present in near the seal.
  4. Don’t use it, if there’s a puncture or hole anywhere on the
  5. Packaging.
  6. Glass jars are the best storage container for Thai Curry Paste.

Best Thai Curry Pastes are available in the grocery market:

1. Rosdee Thai Green Curry Paste

Rosdee Thai Green Curry Paste

This is one of the famous brand in Thailand. The taste of Rosdee is hard to come by and even through it’s over price but it’s still worth it .This is the best curry product you have to seen in the Thai Curry Paste.

The features of this curry pastes are- it’s authentic and this is the hottest curry paste.This contains no colouring and preservatives added.

I recommended that this paste mostly for non-vegans because this paste can be added to chicken or other meats as well as seafood. I think that everyone likes this type of curry pastes.

2. Thai Kitchen Gluten Free Red Curry Paste

Thai Kitchen Gluten Free Red Curry Paste

This is the gluten-free red curry paste and it has coconut milk so it creates a delicious Thai Curry. It is a great taste and perfect hard-to-find ingredients.

What are the special qualities of this product?

This is not like the other ones. You can get the Asian markets with all the extra stuff in it so all you need to do is throw it in same coconut milk. This curry paste contains soybean oil.This is the good base for curry dishes and soups.

If you cook a lot and know how to use it, having a full case of the stuff in your pantry is actually pretty cool. Mostly this product labeled with United States that this product is good for health.

3. Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine Green Curry Paste

Blue Elephant Royal Thai Cuisine Green Curry Paste

It contains crustacean and soy. Manufactured in a facility that process sesame and penalty. There is no colors and preservatives are added.

I would like to told that by using the natural ingredients this green paste is manufactured.I already said that green curry paste is more hotter than the other curry pastes.

All customers including me also prefer the tastiest food. This product value for the good taste.

4. May Poly Thai Yellow Curry Paste

May Poly Thai Yellow Curry Paste

To make yellow curry soup known as “karee” flavor is used in Thailand. Here may poly is a high quality export product with rich taste in Thailand.

This product is not gluten-free. If you do not like spicy or if you do not eat a lot of chilli then i would prefer this to you. I would like to say that this curry paste can eat vegetarians also.

5. Maesri Thai Panang Curry Paste

Maesri Thai Panang Curry Paste

This is an authentic taste of panang. This taste may different from other Thai Curry Pastes.This is a medium spicy and it is a combination of sweet and spicy. Panang has a more tangy taste with some peanut flavor to it.

Why do this product you can use it?

I have tried various brands but this is the best. This is a restaurant-quality curry. This product seems that value for money. I recommended it because it is so good.

6. Pataks Mild Thai Curry Paste

Pataks Mild Thai Curry Paste

It is a natural certified product paste because this paste contains only natural ingredients. In this curry paste tumeric color and flavors are added. I prefer to this is suitable for vegetarians also.

This product also excellently wrapped and protected in the box. I am very glad to see it is my favorite curry paste, you can also try it.

7. Asian Home Gourmet Spice Paste for Thai Red Curry Paste

Asian Home Gourmet Spice Paste for Thai Red Curry Paste

This curry paste also perfect product for red curry paste. It can be stored easily for later use and this is a rich natural taste.

This is very spiciest curry paste. While i work to ensure that product information is correct. I prepared exotic veggies in red Thai curry my family loved it a lot. So you also can try it. Very good paste for red curry and taste is also perfect.

8. Mekhala Organic Thai Green Curry Paste

Mekhala Organic Thai Green Curry Paste

This product is purely organic-based. It has the best taste. This product contains flavors and it gives a good smell. It contains zero percentage of the day. This curry is mixed with vegetables and coconut milk.

All these products may help to you. I have also checked this pastes. so, I would like to share these curry pastes with you. You also can try it, you may get a good experience with this curry paste.

Did I cover all you wanted to know about Thai curry paste or not?

In this article, I told about what are the basic ingredients are taken in Thai curry paste and how to store the Thai curry paste. Also, I will give the different best Thai Curry Pastes are available on Amazon.

What are the health benefits of using these Thai Curry Pastes?

Now, I am giving you that some health benefits of Thai Curry Pastes.

Thai curry pastes have medicinal properties like turmeric, kaffir lime, lemongrass, garlic, ginger. Those are used in Traditional Thai Herbal Remedies. Thai curry made a fantastic meal. It is warm comforting and perfect for cool days. It is the best curry I have ever had.


Curries are a staple of Thai cuisine, as well as many other Southeast Asian countries.

Thai curry paste plays a starring role in many of the curries, lending its unique aromatic taste, but it comes in a relatively small jar and is very perishable.

Using these ingredients in your everyday cooking ensures that your food is delicious and it can help maintain a healthy body.