What is the Best Meat to Cook on a Pellet Smoker? – 2022 Guide

Pellet Smoker Best Meat

After purchasing the pellet smoker, the first question that you might as is ‘What is the best meat to cook on a pellet smoker?’. Well, to be honest, this was my situation when I procured the wood pellet grill because I had a lot of options to consider, including turkey, chicken, beef, mutton, pork, tri-tip, etc.

However, after all experiments, I must say that port chops are the best-smoked meat to go for. You won’t be able to forget the juiciest and yummiest taste it brings.

There must be many associated questions arising in your mind regarding the best meat type for a pellet smoker. To answer these all confusions, we have specially written this comprehensive blog to help you understand why we need to opt for this pork meat. So, we suggest you read this blog post till the end to find answers to your questions. Here we go!

What Is The Best Meat To Cook On A Pellet Smoker?

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Brief Account

I used the Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker for smoking pork chops. The deliciously smoked pork chops have my heart because they treated my taste buds with unforgettable flavor. Another best reason for the pork chops is the most effortless smoking procedure, unlike the other meats with complicated requirements.

After smoking the pork chops for fewer minutes, you can enjoy the juiciest and tender meat. Also, the tantalizing aroma of your favorite wood pellet will be bringing you endless joy. To add a different taste to the pork chops, you can modify them with homemade seasoning with your favorite stuff. The pork chops smoked with the wood pellet will always be a delight to have.

Recommended Wood Pellets for Pork Chops

After deciding about the type of meat in response to your question, ‘What is the best meat to cook on a pellet smoker?’, you will be thinking about the best wood pellets. I have been experimenting with a wide range of wood pellets for grilling and smoking my pork chops. Finally, I found some best results and I must share them with you too.

Based on my experience, I strongly suggest you go for the fruitwoods. The reason is that pork chops possess a lighter flavor, just like chicken. Therefore, pairing the more delicate flavor of pork chops with the aroma of the fruity woods will give you the best taste. Also, if you are planning to season your pork chops by using slightly lighter herbs, then we suggest you go for the subtle wood pellets. For example, apple can be the best choice to opt for.

On the other hand, there might be a possibility for those who like richer flavors, unlike lighter flavors. Don’t you worry, sit back, relax and keep reading because we have sorted out a solution for you as well. For getting the stronger flavors, you can opt for the riches woods like maple and hickory. Just season your pork chop with the mustard glaze and enjoy the lasting aroma and taste. Try it! You will fall in love with it!

Temperature Considerations

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If you have planned to smoke your pork chop, you should know the temperature considerations that will give you the best results. Using my experience, I want to provide you with some helpful piece of advice, and that is not to exceed the wood pellet grill’s temperature beyond 225 °F. If you use this specific temperature, I can assure you that your pork chops will be exposed to the great smoke flavor.

After this treatment, your pork will be ready for your eating within an hour of smoking and grilling. Also, if you are in a hurry and still want to grab your pork chops, you may increase the temperature from 225 °F to 450 °F. Even at this temperature, you will get a delicious taste. However, the higher temperature may be suitable for quicker cooking, but for more flavor, we recommend you give your pork chop time to absorb the smoke evenly.


What is the best meat to cook on a pellet smoker?

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We have tested the meat of different animals in our Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker for getting the best meat to proceed with. Though we must admire the unique taste of each animal’s meat that we smoke. However, the pork meat excelled over all meats in terms of flavor, juiciness, and tenderness. That is why we strongly recommend you also to go for it.

How much time does it take for pork chops to be smoked and grilled perfectly?

Based on my experience with the smoking and grilling of the pork chops, I strongly suggest you not take out your pork chop before one hour if you are using an electric smoker. If you do so, you may end up getting uncooked meat that is not healthy and tasty.

How to set the temperature for smoking and grilling of the pork chops?

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You should not worry about manually changing the temperature and time setting if you use a good-quality smoker. The manufacturers of the top brands in wood pellet smokers have added the feature of the bright lid LCD screen to help you adjust the time and temperature settings according to your requirements. Therefore, you should go for such good brands that will be giving you the best results.

Final Verdict

It’s your right to treat your taste buds with the best and delicious food. In this regard, if you have recently purchased a pellet smoker and wondering about ‘What is the best meat to cook on a pellet smoker?’, then you must be glad to find the comprehensive answer to your question. We hope you will be in a clear position to opt for the pork chops, among other relevant meat options.

Believe us! The pork chops with the hickory and applewood pellets and proper temperature will make you fall in love with the aroma and irresistible taste. That is why we strongly recommend you to try it once, and you will always like to have it. The unforgettable taste will capture your heart!

We will be glad to read about your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences with the different meats that you have smoked on the pellet smoker and grill. That is why we request you to pour your worthy view in the comments section. Keep smoking your pork chops and enjoy the magical taste! Thank you!